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Outfield depth? We need it.

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On 10/19/2020 at 2:35 PM, NCRaven said:

Funny thing is to my eyes, he didn't look "awful" at all.  He looked like someone learning a new position on the fly.  If he is athletic enough to truly be an average defender in LF, his bat will provide big time value at that position.

I don’t think his flaws are fixable. But I’m happy to watch and see. That baseball savant, all of his fielding skills were zero are worse, and @FrobbyPointed out that zero is average.

Well, that means, in 23 games, he was average or worse in the outfield, and pretty dreadful at first. 
So yeah, I’m happy to wait and see, but there’s plenty of reason for caution.

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    • It’s just one of those expressions people toss out a bit carelessly.  I don’t think anyone would suggest that promotions be limited to those who meet my definition.   But the converse probably is true: if a pitcher has had 10+ starts and is meeting those criteria, you have to question why he’s not getting promoted.    
    • I'd say Gausman was rushed.  I don't know if it did any lasting damage to him but I do think they should have let him get some more time in the minors to work on his craft.
    • I think this year will show if he’s destined to be a starter or a bullpen guy.  I’d say his floor is probably Tanner Scott, a lefty who’s hard to hit and gets a lot of whiffs but struggles with command.   I honestly can’t tell what his ceiling is.    Probably a no. 2-3 starter but it all depends on how command develops.   
    • That all seems reasonable to me..and it’s also why it’s crazy to say a player must dominate to get a promotion.  My guess is if that was the criteria, we would rarely see promotions and players would never get out of the minors.
    • Here’s my rough definition of dominant: - ERA under 3.00 or more than a run lower than league average, whichever is lower. - K/9 at least 20% above league average.  - H/IP of 0.9 or less (8.1 H/9) - K/BB of 3.0 or higher A pitcher can do a lot less than that and still be very deserving of promotion, but that’s what I’d call dominant.   It’s a tough standard.   Zac Lowther was EL pitcher of the year and yet met only one of those four criteria (6.2 H/9).    He came close on ERA (2.55 was 0.98 below league average).    His K/9 and K/BB did not meet the standard.    Only eight major league pitchers met my standard last year: Bieber, Bauer, Darvish, Lamet, DeGrom, Maeda, Cole and Carrasco.   
    • We didn’t rush anyone before.  
    • Crazy that he is 22 already.  He turns 23 in September.  It’s time for him to start making strides on his command and control and push himself up to the majors.     Gotta figure if it doesn’t happen within the next year or so, that it may not happen at all.  Not that he can’t be a MLer but the ceiling is lowered significantly imo if he doesn’t show a lot of improvement soon.
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