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#12 2020 Prospect: Yusniel Diaz - RF

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15 minutes ago, BirdinBama said:

Geez, the centerpiece of the Machado deal might have 4th outfielder as a ceiling? I agree that's very depressing.

Kremer looks to be the centerpiece of the deal. I said that basically since year one.

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16 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

In my defense, Elias gave him up for nothing and he had way more information on him than me. Elias choose Dwight Smith Jr. over him. 


Nobody seamed to be high on the guy.

Again, I really wasnt wanting to knock you, because its not an exact science when looking at guys.

Just was so eerie, same thing, maybe 4th COFer.

Lord knows, I couldnt do it.


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Also in fairness, it's a bat dependent position and his swing apparently really changed when he left the org. How can anyone project that? 

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    • Obviously but it’s based off of what value they get by trading back and not by what’s available IMO. If they can trade #13 for a late one and early #2 (Jacksonville) they will absolutely do it imo! As that’s how they do things.    The rest of my argument is fact until he proves otherwise. It’s funny to me that you so arrogantly scream your wrong and I’m right and then argue both sides of the QB debate. I agree that you have to wait and see, and there is at least a chance all be it small that he drastically improves in accuracy and touch outside. But, I’m not banking on it and based on your previous wait and see position you aren’t enough to throw 100MM plus at him right now. Are the Ravens willing, we shall see but I think their actions speak louder than words as far as it happening now. The next two weeks as mentioned by EDC are gone and we haven’t heard anything else. But, I also know Harbaugh can be stubborn and is probably pushing for it thinking he can run them to the Super Bowl. I think it’s pretty obvious that it can get them to the playoffs but becomes a house of cards once there.
    • This is..interesting   https://www.totalprosports.com/2021/02/24/ravens-matt-judon-demands-apology-or-threatens-to-leak-photos-of-espn-reporter-jamison-hensley-at-a-strip-club-pics/?fbclid=IwAR3m03DbO43OYg9RcptFmAT8rO_S9JyB0_ChhYls4MHZKSVfX97hYaOoklk
    • They will trade down if they view it as the best option.  They will make the pick if that is their best option and they will trade up if they view that as beneficial.  That’s how they do things.   The rest of your post is just about your bias and the same bs argument that I have grown tired of.
    • I would hope you understand the point there.
    • Eddie Murray mid-swing is the lock screen photo on my phone.  And I don’t like IPAs, but that is one fine-looking can of beer above. 
    • Why except me? I know it has to but I’m convinced we’ve seen who Lamar Jackson is outside of some nominal improvement. I don’t think they will ever win a Super Bowl with him at the helm. The gimmick has been figured out and the good team have learned how to minimize it. Vick was the savior when he was drafted in Atlanta until he wasn’t. This point of view is no different than Flacco....After 3 seasons we knew what we had and outside of a hot streak in the playoffs he was who he was until injuries and then fear made him worse. Do you think Jackson can be accurate outside the numbers plus 20 yards? I don’t .... period. I pretty much agree with the bolded part ....but, you don’t need to draft a guy like Pitts if he’s there at #13. As I said, I don’t think they will as I think they would use that pick to end up with 2 or 3 other early picks. There is a possible scenario that I see is that teams don’t offer enough and it forces them to pick. If that happens you take the BPA.    Lamar has been successful throwing to guys like Andrews, Hurst, and Boyle as mismatches. Draft another TE like Friermuth, Long, Jordan on day 2. If they trade Brown Jr, draft Wyatt Davis, Jenkins/Van Lanen etc, and Landon Dickerson /Trey Hill and fix the line for the long term.
    • I won’t agree until they actually do it. I’d bet 100% that if the Ravens trade Brown and received #13 they’d almost certainly trade down. That just what they do! If they received #33 and #45 would they trade into the late 1st, possibly. Do they want to throw more? I don’t care what they say, I care what they do.Lamar says he wants to throw and be viewed as a passer. His actions and instincts say he wants to run. Wasting a high pick or a shit ton of money on a WR is a fools errand.  Honestly Rob, I can’t believe you’re buying it.    Could they pick Rondale Moore, Friermuth or Marshall at #27? I guess they might. But, they’d be better off fixing the line at Center, Guard, and RT with their early picks.
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