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#12 2020 Prospect: Yusniel Diaz - RF

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15 minutes ago, BirdinBama said:

Geez, the centerpiece of the Machado deal might have 4th outfielder as a ceiling? I agree that's very depressing.

Kremer looks to be the centerpiece of the deal. I said that basically since year one.

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16 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

In my defense, Elias gave him up for nothing and he had way more information on him than me. Elias choose Dwight Smith Jr. over him. 


Nobody seamed to be high on the guy.

Again, I really wasnt wanting to knock you, because its not an exact science when looking at guys.

Just was so eerie, same thing, maybe 4th COFer.

Lord knows, I couldnt do it.


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Also in fairness, it's a bat dependent position and his swing apparently really changed when he left the org. How can anyone project that? 

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    • It’s not even the ABs, in my mind. If severino holds serve with his bat and shows that he’s cleaned up his defense, someone will be interested at the deadline. There’s pretty much always a playoff contender willing to give value for a quality second catcher it seems. 
    • So...I shouldn’t book a flight and hotel in March then?
    • Looking on Fangraphs, Shaw was not on their list of 37 prospects they rated.    So, I’d guess he would not crack our top 30.    
    • I decided we need a thread for weird, anomalous stats we come across from time to time.   Here’s a few I’ve seen in the last couple of days: - The 2020 Royals finished 26-34 and their bullpen had a 3.84 ERA, but somehow they had a 95% save rate (19/20). - The 2020 White Sox had a .143 BABIP at DH, and the Angels had a .187 BABIP there.    
    • Just to be sure my point isn’t misconstrued, this depends on the needs of a particular team as well as what’s available in the market at a given time.  WAR already accounts for the relative value of offense vs. defense, and how much offense is typically available at a particular position.   So overall a 1.5 WAR DH is just as valuable as a 1.5 WAR multiple position player.   But not for every team and not at all times. Looking around the AL, four teams had a .651 OPS or worse at DH.   You’d think a team like that could use a guy like Nunez.
    • So, does Shaw get a place in our top-30, or do we know yet?
    • DH is NOT a full-time position unless you’ve got Edgar Martinez on the roster. Rotating DH is for roster flexibility, resting a regular, playing a guy on a hot streak, easing back in after an illness, and so on. Devoting a roster spot to one guy who does nothing but hit is a foolish use of a spot, unless he’s a glorious, “proof there is a God” hitter. And Nunez isn’t. I looked up his offensive stats at Baseball savant. Of ten offensive categories, his percentile rank was above average in only two, and one of those just barely(xSLG was %55) his sprint speed was  fairly close at 43%, but in the other 7, he was 35% Or lower. That’s not Edgar territory. By comparison, Nelson Cruz was horrible in sprint speed( no bunt singles for HIM) and K rate, but terrific in every other category... and he’s 40. He IS a, “Proof there is a God” hitter. Man, Cruz is amazing. That was really one we let get away.
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