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Who are the #21 and #22 Prospects?

Who are the #21 and #22 Prospects?  

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  1. 1. Who are the #21 and #22 Prospects?

    • Kyle Bradish and Kevin Smith
    • Adam Hall and Kyle Bradish
    • Kevin Smith and Bruce Zimmermann
    • Kyle Stowers and Tyler Nevin
    • Bruce Zimmermann and Kyle Bradish

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22 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

This is flawed logic. There are lots of reasons why 1st or 2nd round talents don't go in those rounds. Sometimes they have a high level of risk that makes them more of a risk and teams go with others less risky. In Baumler and Mayo's case, they were high school seniors that barely played so most teams went college heavy. Also, teams had a strict budget and once they couldn't meet the player's demands, they slipped. 

I think that if they have a high level of risk then that would preclude them from being first or second round talents. 

I was also speaking in the general sense and not specifically about Baumler and Mayo.  That was why I used H.S. Kim and put him in the eleventh round.

I think the overslot strategy was stronger before they added slotting.  You used to be able to really throw a hunk of change at a kid who wanted to go to school.  Such as when the Pirates gave 5M to Josh Bell after selecting him in the second round.  You can't make a power move like that today.

Did most teams go college heavy?  I know the O's did early but didn't realize it was a general trend in the 2020 draft.

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21 hours ago, luismatos4prez said:

I think a case could be made for Adam Hall being in the 10-12 range. I'm interested to read why he's fallen so far in your rankings.

I don’t think Hall has really fallen in Tony’s rankings, at least, so far.   The only guy who was on last year’s list and jumped Hall was Hernaiz, and Tony explained that it’s because Hernaiz showed up a lot stronger in camp this year.   So it’s more a case of moving Hernaiz up than moving Hall down.    

So far this year we have the following new players placed ahead of Hall: Kjerstad, Westburg, Vavra, Haskin, Mayo, Baumler.  My guess is that a couple of those guys might be below Hall next year, once we’ve actually seen them play professionally.     Until then, Tony’s going on upside.   

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Maybe I am feeling shiny new toy syndrome or over-happy we get one last (LOL) Mets deal done before a regime change, but I'm feeling my brakes pumped a little by Smith's fall here.

SEC late bloomer that validated his draft year growth his first full pro year, earned an org Pitcher of Year award and some AA success - I'm a bit more excited to see him pitch next year than a few of the guys ahead of him.

One other layer of the onion is that Elias trades have more often gone down the platter fork in the road, and Smith is the first time he's closed for one guy with a marketable asset.  Heck, I even have an Easton Lucas candle lit for One Guy trades, though accepting the 30 clubs general consensus Villar was a dicey tender.

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    • That’s the one I would choose if it was an option. The 1996 ALCS might have swung differently if Richie Garcia does his job.
    • They all sucked! But I’m going with Nelson Cruz.   Also ...missing is the Mayer interference not called!
    • The bigger impact was the repercussions of the mistake internally. I feel like Angelos got gun shy in free agency after the Albert Belle deal. But with the Glenn Davis trade they gutted the depth of a team that had trouble developing talent. As a kid after Cal Ripken there was Boddicker , Mussina, and a whole lot of disappointment in player drafting and development.
    • I know most will say Chris Davis but some things cannot be measured  by cold hard dollars.  The Glenn Davis trade not only  was lopsided with the talent the Franchise gave up for him, but also the psychological damage it did to the fan base.  Glen Davis was to be the RH power hitter needed, it seemed like forever,  and was thought to be a sure thing, but was not to be.  I know I felt crushed for such a long time by how that turned out.  We all make mistakes and both of these situations were mistakes,  big time.                        
    • Would you say the Padres did or does the presence of Tatis change the dynamic?
    • I'm in the Manny wasn't getting extended anyway camp. Honestly if the O's had extended Manny instead of Davis where would they be? They would have traded him for a minor return is my guess.   
    • PA extended players he liked.     I tend to doubt he liked Manny.  I certainly think it’s very fair to say he isn’t the type of player to give a franchise defining contract to.
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