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Who are the #23 and #24 Prospects?

Who are the #23 and #24 Prospects?  

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  1. 1. Who are the #23 and #24 Prospects?

    • Rylan Bannon and Kevin Smith
    • Anthony Servideo and Kyle Stowers
    • Kevin Smith and Bruce Zimmermann
    • Kyle Stowers and Kevin Smith
    • Bruce Zimmermann and Tyler Nevin

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I feel like Smith has to be in this group. Tough call with Stowers, Zimmerman, and Bannon all 18-21 last year. I could see Zimmerman slipping slightly due to poor MLB debut, albeit very small sample, which also followed on meh AAA numbers in 2019. Both MLB and OH had Stowers ahead of Bannon. I don't particularly like it but I guess Stowers-Smith for me. 

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I feel like the next 3 are Smith, Zimmerman and Stowers in some order. I went Stowers first, but it's a guess.

Feel like Bannon is a little lower, Servideo could be anywhere and Nevin is probably comparable to Bannon (at least in terms of most likely FV). I'm still hoping Welk and an international player or two make big jumps in the next year, but Covid just screwed all of that up for the time being.

[Edit: A guy that might have made a decent jump in the org's eye is Cumberland. There was some hope when we got him, but his performance wasn't all that good. Seems like this wasn't actually a lost year for him. There's a decent shot he's AR's backup in a year or two.]

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The next four guys who appeared on last year’s list are (in order they appeared) Stowers, McKenna, Zimmerman and Bannon.  I don’t see any reason for Bannon to have jumped the other three, so eliminate that choice. 

If Tony stuck with last year’s order, this has to be Servideo-Stowers or Stowers-Smith.    But Zimmermann did reach the majors, so he could have jumped Stowers and McKenna.  So, Smith-Zimmermann or Zimmermann-Nevin are live possibilities.  

It’s kind of guesswork here, but I think Smith will show up here and that Zimmermann didn’t do quite enough to jump Stowers.   So, I’ll go Stowers-Smith.   My second choice would be Smith-Zimmermann.   


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I’m surprised Zimmerman is so low. His debut Wasn’t that bad and I’m pretty encouraged about his future.

and that mustache is a winner!

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    • I was talking about a singular swing, one, when referring to the video I was watching. And you are correct, but then you have to try to find out why that is? Maybe contact lenses helps, or eye exercises, or what have you.  His K rate in the minors is just under 28%, so yeah, that's bad. And yet he still has a career minor league OPS of .861. Being that he played in the PCL probably skews that a bit, but the power is legit. We'll see what Elias does with him.   
    • ^^^^^Ready, Steady, GO!^^^^^ mad flute action at 19:50!!!   Later Sonny and Cher ........ oddly, somehow the same HEIGHT! 😛 I'm still watching it all...   DC5!
    • Well I guess. I trust mike. But regarding swings, it’s possible to have a fine swing and still not be able to hit anything.  I didn’t check his K rate( oh I just see your comment about his K rate... um, that’s not good) or his contact rate, but I would hope they are both good.
    • This is what I've been working on. Ready, Steady, GO! from the 60's. I'd guess no later than '65, Gerry and the Pacemakers' absolute zenith... playlist: Stones with Brian still Beatles introducing PJ Proby doing  "Walkin' The Dog"!!! backed up by The Vernons Girls (sounds like The Go-Gos...) Cilla Black (pictured) belting out the standard Gerry and the Pacemakers Donovan! Sounds Incorporated Long John Baldry doing "Got My Mojo Workin'"! and that's all just the first 15 minutes!   Ready, Steady, GO!  
    • That’s fine and true, but the Rays are the best in the biz at developing talent. If they’ve given up on him, it’s fair to think they exhausted all the possibilities first. I think Grenier might not pan out, and Hall is still a couple years off, so if the Os think they see something worthwhile,  Wander certainly has some appeal.  
    • A good swing is not defined by the results. Also, remember that SF Giants are not know to produce good young hitters through draft and development. If you are the Orioles, you have to believe in your coaches and development staff when compared with other teams. With this much in his tank, you have to take a shot on a big power guy like this.  I watched some Spring Training at bats as well. He hit 4-5 HR's in the last few years. One video had him on the same field as Hanser Alberto in February 2019, lol.
    • Ummm, it seems not.
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