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Who are the #25 and #26 prospects?

Who are the #25 and #26 prospects?  

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  1. 1. Who are the #25 and #26 prospects?

    • Rylan Bannon and Bruce Zimmermann
    • Ryan McKenna and Anthony Servideo
    • Tyler Nevin and Bruce Zimmermann
    • Adam Stauffer and Anthony Servideo
    • Bruce Zimmermann and Anthony Servideo

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Based on previous rankings, Zimmerman should be here. Question is whether Servideo is ahead of Bannon. MLB has Servideo five spots higher. Has SS tag at least for now. I will also go with Zimmerman-Servideo.

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I went for more accomplised over shiny new thing, so Bannon/Zimmerman.  However, something about Stauffer intrigues me, age, size, K's, under the radar. His is the only name I was surprised to see in the poll so I kinda hope it's him.

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2 hours ago, murph said:

@Tony-OH Just another quick thank you for the time and effort of doing this.  Makes my lunchtime reading very enjoyable!

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

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I went Zimmermann/Servideo.   I think Zim did enough this year to jump past McKenna.   Bannon and Stauffer didn’t do anything to jump McKenna, who outranked them last year.   And I’m not that high on the newcomer Nevin.   

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    • The discrepancy is even worse when you think about how our draft picks work, with I think two exceptions, far better than theirs. It’s hard to blame one person, because the problem is over so long, but boy somebody is to blame
    • Now here's the Red Sox:   Dustin Pedroia, 2:24 2004, 51.6 rWAR Mookie Betts, 5:21 2011, 45.2 rWAR Jon Lester, 2:16 2002, 44.6 rWAR Anthony Rizzo, 6:20 2007, 34.3 rWAR Kevin Youkilis, 8:17 2001, 32.4 rWAR Jacoby Ellsbury, 1:23 2005, 31.0 rWAR (FA comp) Josh Reddick, 17:7 2006, 24.7 rWAR Jonathan Papelbon, 4:17 2003, 23.3 rWAR Jackie Bradley Jr., 1:40 2011, 17.8 rWAR (FA comp) Jed Lowrie, 1:45 2005, 17.0 rWAR (FA comp) Clay Buchholz, 1:42 2005, 16.7 rWAR (FA comp) Freddy Sanchez, 11:22 2000, 15.9 rWAR Justin Masterson, 2:27 2006, 10.1 rWAR David Murphy, 1:17 2003, 9.9 rWAR Andrew Benintendi , 1:7 2015, 9.7 rWAR Travis Shaw, 9:21 2011, 9.4 rWAR Kelly Shoppach, 2:4 2001, 8.3 rWAR (FA comp) Alex Wilson, 2:28 2009, 5.1 rWAR Brandon Moss, 8:16 2002, 5.0 rWAR Daniel Bard, 1:28 2006, 5.0 rWAR (FA comp) Manny Delcarmen, 2:22 2000, 3.8 rWAR Christian Vazquez 9:30 2008, 3.6 rWAR Matt Murton; 1:32 2003, 3.3 rWAR (FA comp) Brandon Workman 2:7 2010, 3.1 rWAR   Cla Meredith, 6:24 2004, 2.9 rWAR Hunter Strickland, 18:20 2007, 3.8 rWAR Ryan Pressly, 11:20 2007, 7.0 rWAR Kristopher Negron 7:27 2006, 1.8 rWAR Kason Gabbard, 29:22 2000, 1.8 rWAR J.B. Wendelken, 13:23 2012, 1.4 rWAR Brian Johnson, 1s:31 2012, 1.3 rWAR Tanner Houck, 1:24 2017, 1.3 rWAR Noe Ramirez, 3:21 2011, 1.3 rWAR Mauricio Dubron 26:7 2013, 1.2 rWAR Travis Lakins, 6:6 2015, 1.2 rWAR Ty Buttrey, 4:23 2012, 1.1 rWAR Jeremy Hazelbacher, 27:4 2009, 1.1 rWAR   Total: 37 players, 458.8 rWAR 2000-09: 25 players, 364.8 rWAR 2009-20: 12 players, 94.0 rWAR   They crushed us in the 2000-09 period.    We have a slight edge on them in 2010-20 to date.     
    • Actually he's the perfect guy for the Japanese Leagues. He might hit 80 home runs in Korea!
    • There is no real legit argument that regular at bats aren’t there for Nunez until Diaz is an option up here.
    • Yammering about the rule five is my favorite part of the off-season. I wonder who we might lose? I don’t think anybody’s going to take Sedlock, and if they do, I highly doubt they would keep him. We’ve already discussed pop, but I wonder if there any guys in the system who are on the radars of other teams? Unprotected top 30 guys are of course the first place to look, but they are definitely not the only place to look.
    • Shaw has nothing to do with Nunez. There is no correlation at all. Shaw should be DFA’d at some point, probably soon. He can be outrighted. You’re not supposed to get excited about a move like this. It’s a potential depth move, with a big LH power upside if he can make some larger improvements. Chances are slim he can do that, but why not take a shot?  He’ll be in AAA, unless he makes huge strides. And he does remind me of Chris Davis quite a bit.  I am not sure if Nunez was making what Valaika is due, projected around $1 million, that he would still be an Oriole. I doubt it. Roster space is one thing, roster flexibility is another, but he just would not have gotten the at bats. They need the at bats for Mancini, Mountcastle, Hays, Santander, Stewart, Mullins and Diaz when he comes up. Yes, some injury history in there, sure. But the upside and potential value in that group can only be developed with experience. They need these guys to get their at bats. They are all potential members of the next competitive team the Orioles have. And like 2020, Iglesias, and several others, might get some at bats at DH. Why keep a guy around with no options, whose only tool is his bat, when he’s not going to get at bats? I think that is smart, not cheap. Now if they did that to Mancini, that would be cheap. Without the albatross of the Davis contract, I still think Nunez is out. He needs to be a regular to be productive, he’s not a bench guy. 
    • God bless Caleb Joseph. meanwhile. Zach Davies....grrr...9.7 WAR. Think we coulda’ used that? please don’t share Parra’s Orioles WAR...that just twists the knife.
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