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#26 2020 Prospect: Anthony Servideo

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12 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

Not sure why but I have a good feeling about him.  Maybe it's the plate discipline.  

He's really an unknown because of the bat improvements he showed early on the year are for real, he's a steal as a 3rd round pick.

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3 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

He's really an unknown because of the bat improvements he showed early on the year are for real, he's a steal as a 3rd round pick.

Probably more volatility here than most guys on the list.    The comments from Blood made him sound real good defensively but maybe needing some adjustments offensively.   

“Servideo is a really, really nice defender and has got bat-to-ball skills and we’re going to keep working there.“


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    • Megan Fox I'm obsessed. Not with her per se, just pretty eyes.
    • I don’t think the backup NEEDS to be anything.  Why does the backup have to be outstanding on defense?  Is that in the rule books or something?
    • Yes but the backup C needs to be outstanding on defense(Catchers who offer good offense are starters.)But neither of our current guys is a qualified backup. If AR were here now, he would still need a better backup then the two we have.
    • Why are we replacing Mancini? Rosario is probably a better defensive player than any LFer we will put out there but it would be dumb to spend money on an OFer with Diaz likely up.     This, again, goes back to the same type of conversation that has been had about Nunez.  From an offensive standpoint, Nunez and Rosario are similar, so you wouldn’t pay Rosario a lot more to DH when you could have just kept Nunez. And you wouldn’t clutter your roster (the argument used against Nunez) with another COer when you have so many options available both now in a few months into the season. In other words, couple our roster situation with the team unlikely willing to spend money and you can essentially lock this thread because there really isn’t much to talk about.  (Not saying mentioning him is bad, just doesn’t fit into the Os plans in anyway)
    • Yes, it is a fact that Mullins performed decent in a very SSS and that Hyde made those comments.     It also a fact that Mullins was a terrible player for the several years before that. It’s also a fact that he is 26, so while he is young, he also is at an age where you don’t expect guys to start getting a lot better.  Another fact that his OPS was driven by bunt hits.  That’s a skill, no doubt but not one I would want to rely on year in and year out as a reason a player hits for a decent average and gets on base at a decent clip.  
    • Well, the pitching did improve in 2020, albeit in a much smaller sample size than normal.  I think some of that stuff is overblown for the C position and these guys could help the pitchers by hitting better than a lot of C and contributing to scoring runs. They are all a stop gap for Adley anyway.
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