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Fangraphs top 50 FA

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On 10/30/2020 at 1:18 PM, DrungoHazewood said:

Is it just me, or is this an exceptionally weak class?  The #8 on the whole list is a KBO import that we're not even sure is going to translate to a MLB player. Kevin Gausman is #14, 60 innings removed from a 5.72 ERA in 2019.

During the past year or so there was an uptick in younger players signing contract extensions, due to uncertainty around a new labor agreement coming up. Not sure how many guys that impacts as far as who was going to initially be free agents however 

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On 11/1/2020 at 9:42 AM, ScGO's said:

50. Chris Archer, SP, Age 32

Article suggests he might be had on a minor league deal as he is coming back from surgery.  Probably no better place to compete for a pitching spot than in Baltimore.  low risk/high reward potential.  Trade chip if he can turn it around.


I like the Archer idea.  I know anything do with shoulders for a pitcher is risky, but if it would be a Milb deal, why not?  He was a fun pitcher to watch (when he wasn't facing the O's). 

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4 hours ago, jamalshw said:

This isn't a bad list. I don't have a problem with tiring kicking on these guys, but I don't expect any of them to be honest. I wouldn't mind signing Ray is the Orioles brass think there is something they can fix. I also don't mind a gamble on Archer if there's a good prognosis on the surgery and he's really available on a minors deal.

I like he idea of Wong or Hernandez up the middle with Iglesias. And while I like Simmons, i think he's going to be too expensive in a weak market. I also expect us to pass on Kim.

Ultimately, I wouldn't be surprised if the Orioles don't sign any free agents to Major League deals.

Simmons got a QO, I don't see us giving up a draft pick for a free agent.

Archer has thoracic outlet (aka compartment) syndrome.   I'd take a guy with 2 Tommy John's under his belt before I'd touch anyone who had compartment syndrome,  It's a career killer.

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    • Because they are professionals and good at their jobs and they wouldn’t punt on a pick so they can draft a few over slot HSers. Just because you have an obsession with how some nerd behind a keyboard ranks the players doesn’t mean they made a mistake or doesn’t mean they maliciously sabotaged the pick.  That’s just an awful thing to assume.
    • At least that guy played a full career. I can't imagine working so hard to get to the big leagues, actually make it, and then decide, "Nah, this isn't working for me spiritually."  
    • Different spin rate.  😉
    • I can understand your reasons for feeling this way but Thorne, Angel, and Manfra are all well over 70 and that means there was going to be a signifiant overhaul anyway.   Manfra retired, the Orioles didn't "get rid" of him.   And no, I don't think he was pushed in any way.   He was 70+ years old and I think had some health issues and chose to retire.   I don't think they pushed Angel out either, he retired.   Trying to lump them into your narrative to prove that the Orioles are purging people for $$$ reasons just weakens your argument. Now the Orioles mayve have made a decision to get rid of Hunter, and may be in the process of doing the same ot Gary, we will know in a month or two.   And money could be part of the Thorne decision (I would guess that he is the highest paid guy left). But when four of your core guys are 70+, which is the situation we have faced in recent years, as your top color commentator is too, you have to start planning for the future.   The travel involved in MLB broadcasting is not tough on someone that age.    The Orioles bit the bullet last year and brought in a bunch of younger people they hoped would be candidates for long term.   Time will tell if any of these "minor leaguers" turn out to be good in the long run, but they had to do something.   Actually, we probably should have traded Gary Thorne a few years ago when he was at peak value.   😁
    • I think he will be as ready in year two as he will be in year three.  Either he's a ML ballplayer or not, I don't think adjusting the rate at which he advances through the minors is going to change that.  Now might his rookie year numbers look a bit better?  Sure.  But his career numbers might actually benefit from earlier advancement.
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