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Mancini: “I literally feel like myself again”

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Most importantly, I'm just glad it seems he's in remission and able to focus on baseball activities.

I have little doubt if he's healthy next spring, he will be the hitter he always was.

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    • Santander played well, and his defense earned a GG finalist spot, though Gallo clearly beat him. Defense is important. As he learns the intimate details of RF at OPACY, his D can be expected to improve. I don’t think offense improves linearly: as he addresses his flaws-or doesn’t- he will either dramatically improve, or stay about the same. His BABIP was .248, which is below league average(?) and his K rate was only 15.6%. His walk rate is pretty low, which indicates he has a good eye and makes contact, so even if nothing changes, I’d expect better production when the hits stop finding so many gloves. He was worth.9 WAR in 60 games. I’d expect 2 or above if he plays 150 games. Hays’ bat is a bit more suspect, but it’s logical for him to come into his own as he faces more MLB-level pitching. But his defense is wonderful, and even if he isn’t hitting as well as he should, he’s likely better on offense than Mullins( unless Mullins himself has come into his own, and his 2020 is his new normal.) Either way, I’m not worried about OF production, so long as Mc and Mancini aren’t out there.
    • I also think .900 OPS is very optimistic for Santander, when you consider that his .890 last year was built on a .315 ISO.    That’s Chris Davis in his best seasons-type power.   There were only six major league qualifiers last year with a .315+ ISO, and five in 2019.   I think Santander has nice power but not at that level.   Anything over .200-.225 would be gravy.    
    • Hays needs to be able to stay healthy for a season or he might just end up being the Nolan Reimold of the 2020's Orioles. 
    • The Rule V thing is a wellspring for me of the bigger Santander enthusiasm. We'll see what kind of dance teams dance about stuff like...Gosh, Adley and Yusniel missed development so they can't break in for a long while yet, but Rule V is a similarly big obstacle (maybe worse if you buy in to the trope too early exposure to stuff in The Show can "ruin" a guy), so he's perhaps developmentally younger, and there's a fair bit of delta on the medium-term projection if Santander's 2020 performance can count as "baseball 24" even though he was 25.
    • Fair enough..Wildcard tends to have these completely over the top takes based off of SSS that just don’t make sense.     His use of the word should Deserves to be called out imo.  
    • My point has nothing to do with the relative merits of your prognostication, or of Wildcards. It has to do with you finding it necessary to be kinda nasty in criticizing Wildcard's speculation, and then immediately speculating on the same subject. I don't care whether you disagree with him. It just seemed a few notches over the top to me.
    • Should means that if Santander had a slash line of 280/325/500, hit 25 homers and drove in 85, Wildcard is saying he would be disappointed in that season. If I had to guess, 90+% of Orioles fans would sign up for that season for him right now.  That would likely exceed or meet most projections and predictions of him.  Yet Wildcard would say, he should have done better. Thats an over the top take to have on him. No one, outside of maybe Santanders family, would say he should do that and if he doesn’t, it’s a disappointment.     I am expecting him to be in line with what has done in his career with some slight improvements. I think it’s fair to have those expectations.  
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