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Nats moving AAA team to Rochester

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The most interesting contingent of Oriole fans to me are the ones who grew up in northwestern New York State, and became fans of the Orange-and-Black because of the team's affiliation with the AAA-Rochester Red Wings between 1961 and 2002.



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    • Does he try to pull low and away pitches and roll them over?  Or would it be easier for him to take that pitch to the opposite field and that's something he hasn't been able to do?  If he has elite plate coverage, I would assume that going the other way should be something he can do.
    • As I showed in his scouting report for this year, he has a hole down and away, and although he will chase at times, he showed a decent ability to lay off pitches in his hole. The key though to Mountcastle is he basically murders everything in the zone, especially inside where his quick bat speed gets the head of the bat to the ball effectively. I think he's a guy who may be a bit streaky at times, but who will absolutely carry a teams at times when he's hot. Though of who have always pointed to his poor K-BB ratio as reasons why he will struggle in the major leagues always forgot to mention how high a batting average he held throughout his career at every level.  That was his ability to mash pitches in the zone and also showed his elite plate coverage. If he finds a way to hit balls effectively low and away he's going to be an impact hitter for years to come, and even if that remains a hole, pitchers will need to be able to effectively hit that hole because when they don't, they are in for a world of hurt. Mountcastle is an elite bat that will be in the middle of the Orioles offense for a long time.
    • If he can hit 300 with power I'm not concerned about his defense in Left. I think he's already ahead of someone like Reimold.
    • Right.  He doesn't swing at total junk, he swings at pitcher's pitches.  He had success with that in the minors so he continued doing it.  Other players don't have the bat to ball skills and have had to refine their personal strike zone at an earlier point in their career. The fact that he doesn't just hack at everything is what makes me think a further refinement is possible once he learns what he can and can't drive when facing ML pitching.
    • Your use of “ever” is interesting when he just posted a .385 (albeit in a shortened season). I assume you meant over 500+ PA (or some other barometer for full season). 
    • I am with you but. I’d think he will be a .300 hitter. I’m concerned about his defense in LF.
    • Ehhh, I don’t really buy that.  You always need the skill of better plate discipline. Now, I get what you are saying but I think there have been a lot of great hitters come through the minors that “didn’t need to develop it” but they did anyway. I think the hope for Mountcastle is that he can be what Mancini was in 2019. I stated earlier that I would be surprised if Mountcastle ever had an OBp over 350.  Well, I would have said the same thing about Mancini yet he did it in 2019.  Now, we will see if he can sustain that or not but Mancini had a big offensive year and as a result, pitchers were likely more careful with him and he accepted the walks. Mancini has never been a good walk guy but he was also never a wild swinger either, ala a guy like Jones.  Mountcastle to me, is the same as Mancini in that regards.  I think he has a good hit tool and not some awful approach at the plate.  I still don’t think he will ever do enough in terms of OBP(at least to make him an elite hitter) but if he adds more and more power and continues to have a solid approach, he certainly could have a year like Mancini did in 2019.  The question is, can he do that for multiple years or just once?
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