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Beat ODU today 85-67

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Bit of a travesty that this game wasn't on TV.  ODU isn't exactly UMBC or Marymount. 

Ayala scored 19 points on 6 of 6 shooting.  3 of 3 from three. Wiggins and Morsell each had 12.  Danta Scott came off the bench for 14 on 3 of 5 from behind on the arc.  Two transfers Hamilton and Smith started at PF and C and didn't do much, 5 and 6 points each.  I expect Scott to move into the starting lineup over Galin Smith who is a senior transfer that played sparingly at Alabama. 

Can't say a whole lot without watching the game but I think the trio of Ayala, Wiggins, and Morsell should keep us competitive in most games.  They are experienced upperclassmen  who can play on both ends of the floor and hit open shots.  Ayala in particular I think did not play up to his abilities last year, especially shooting the ball.  So I would not be surprised if he bounced back and ended up being our best player over Aaron Wiggins who gets most of the hype.  Wiggins is a nice player I just don't ever see him being the type to take over games as your number one scoring option.  

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If Ayala can improve his shooting that would be awesome.  Today was a good start.  I think Wiggins needs to improve his handles and slashing game to be the scorer that would need.  His catch and shoot game is pure.   Gonna need Marial to improve his offensive game as well.  We already know he will defend the rim (theoretically).  Needs to work on his conditioning.  Ultimately I think our lack of interior presence will be our demise, unless Smith and Scott really ball their face off. We have that Swiss guy Revas as well, I'm not expecting much from him though.  The lack of backcourt depth also might hurt unless Dockery and Smart grow quickly.  Can Ayala be the primary ball handler and distributor?  Maybe.

I don't think this team will fall off as badly as most think.  Like you said, Morsell/Ayala/Wiggins will keep us in most games.  If Scott and Hamilton (who was a top 100 recruit going into BC) can step up then I think we could surprise some people.  I see us sneaking into the tournament as a 7-10 seed.  

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