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Maryland natives who played for the Orioles

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On 12/17/2020 at 7:54 PM, Frobby said:

This article exemplifies a lot of the "fake news" seen in publications on the web.

From the title: "Every Orioles Player Born in Maryland"
From the article the context is clear:
It's not every player; it's the 23 players from the current MLB Orioles era-- 1954 to present
"Also worth noting" -- those not worth noting are part of "every"
"coached for the Orioles" -- the listed coaches were not "player"-coaches

Where's Drungo on this?


"From 1872 to 1902, Baltimore fielded teams in five different major leagues." -- (True, that the earlier teams did not carry the Orioles name); for this post, I'll ignore the major league Baltimore Terrapins of the 1914-15 Federal League; so named because the minor league Orioles were concurrently playing in Baltimore. Here are some of the Maryland born gentlemen who played for a Baltimore major league team from 1872 through 1901:

Les German
Frank Foreman
Bobby Mathews
Buttercup Dickerson
Jake Evans
Bill Keister
Tom Quinn
Lou Say
Sam Trott

And what about:"From 1919 to 1925, the International League's Baltimore Orioles put together the most impressive dynasty the minors had ever seen." So, here's just a few of the Maryland born major leaguers who played for the "Baltimore Orioles" in the International League:

Jack Bentley
Lefty Grove
Fritz Maisel
Dick Porter
Allen Russell
Babe Ruth
Butch Schmidt
Tommy Thomas

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@AZRon, you didn't need me, you pretty much have it covered!  I'm sure I could take an hour and dig up some more, but you got the gist of it.  Lots and lots of Marylanders played for the Orioles and other local professional teams prior to 1954.  Grove and Ruth are two of the obvious omissions since they're Marylanders and inner circle HOFers.

One player I would like to point out is Baltimore's own Bobby Mathews. Listed at 5' 5", 140, I think his mustache was about 35 pounds of that. He played for the National Association Baltimore Canaries, the city's first professional league team, in 1872.  Prior to that he played for the Fort Wayne Kekiongas in '71, and the semi-pro Marylands before that.  On May 4th, 1871 he threw the first pitch in National Association history, arguably the first pitch in Major League history.  On bb-ref they list each player's debut and what number they are in MLB history, for example Trey Mancini was the 18,913th player in MLB history.  Under Mathews it's this: Debut: May 4, 1871 (Age 19-164d, 1st in MLB history)

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