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The Shortstop Market

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Making Luis Urias expendable for us to unite the Urias Brothers?   Or Arcia as Young Galvis?

Robertson never counted as a SS to me.

Off topic, I don't know what this Benintendi thing is, but should we be calling on Devers/Xander.

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On 1/12/2021 at 2:18 PM, Yardball85 said:

Yeah, I heard Robertson was going to give us a .500 OBP out of the leadoff spot and GG defense.  Oh well.  There's always 2022.

Do they even print physical playoff tickets going forward...?

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Phillies connected to Semien and Didi in today's scuttlebutt, so no great shock Segura no Plan A, but that would push Segura or Kingery into that Cronenworth super-sub role unless they have Kingery try CF again.   (Hays for Kingery?)

A's, Reds and Red Sox also called out in a Bowden tweet.  If you just Occam's Razor Didi Philly and Semien Oakland, then that leaves Andrelton teams with Red in their names having weird offseasons (Benintendi for Now Pitching I could understand) and/or requesting position changes before our path to Galvis maybe gets down to us and the Red loser.


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LeMahieu retention (Year 5 and 6 of that reported deal, plus Hendriks structure, say to me full NFL/NBA capology is a thing, at least to the extent of playing games to minimize penalties) gives Gleyber one more year there to start at least.   

By all means please oppose Peak Rutschman Teams with age 36-37 LeMahieu.

That Phillies have even let their name be connected to Galvis tells me Dombrowski's evaluation of Segura finished, they are in.

I wonder if Segura and a recent 1st round pick might be had for a PTBNL Cozart-style.  2/30 left so nay, two first-round picks.   Bryce probably wants a reliever, not an expensive super sub.   Dombrowski vs. better Mets, regular Braves, Marlins young pitching, Juan Soto should be a good show.

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Correa looking for an arbitration win to nip Baez.  Doing rounding for all fractional millions but exact 0.5's, last year of club control prices for the Big Five run:

Lindor 22

Story 18.5  (settled previously on a 2-year arb buyout for 2020-2021 signed 1.24.2020, perhaps before covid fully appreciated)

Seager 14

Baez 12

Correa 10  (or leaping to 12.5 with an Arb win)

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    • Haven't read the whole thread but Roch and Melewski both had columns up bright and early today, so it looks like they're both safe. They're probably pretty cheap too, compared to the names released. So they got THAT going for them.     Which is nice.
    • I won’t argue with that. We could speculate deep into the weeds on this. Maybe he is exploring signing Andrelton Simmons, which would require stretching pennies into copper wire. Who knows. I will say that you his does not disgust me, nor does it alarm me. It did raise an eyebrow, however.
    • I'm gonna miss Thorne, Tom Davis, and Dempsey.  Enjoyed their delivery and enthusiasm as much as anything.  It's sad when the voices you get very used to are no longer there.  Tom Davis cackling at every quip Dempsey threw always cracked me up. Would have rather done some creative accounting to defund and disembark Chris Davis instead of excising these more valuable pieces to the club.
    • 1) Yes ....but that doesn’t mean you know how they decided on Kjerstad internally. We know they wanted to overslot players later. The exact details can be speculated about but no one outside the organization can claim them as fact. 2) Yes ,...but again, The exact formula for why they like him over Martin or the Lacy in not known. We do know he accepted considerably less money than Martin wanted. And based on their signing bonuses with the teams that selected him it’s fair to assume who wanted fair slot value and who might have been willing to cut a deal. I think it’s fair to say that guys that signed for slot probably wanted slot at #2 as well. In my opinion, if you want a guy to sign for considerably less than slot you have to reach.    3) Most scout sites agree....But, I’m not sure how this helps your argument. So was Torkleson and Martin. I’m not sure about the other hitters they passed on to get to Kjerstad. Also, I think the money issue is more conclusive. 4)Obviously there were more than just Martin that they didn’t want to pay number 2 money. Kjerstad accepted 7.5 million dollars less than #2 money. Why would he do that? We are talking a million or two that might make your argument more playable. It’s obvious they wanted to play the over slot game later. Because, that’s exactly what they did!    5) I don’t think this proves anything! But, ok ....He was willing to accept 7.5 million less.    6) Obviously! The scouting services are in the business of evaluating players. Obviously there are differing opinions, what’s your point? That you know better than them? Elias had $7.5 million dollars as a reason why he chose Kjerstad over the 8 or so other guys that most places had him rated.
    • I think its harder for a competitive team to delay a player's call up from the minors because if he can add to a playoff run he is likely to get the call.  Think Manny.
    • 1) it’s true that Elias is an experienced and well thought of professional. 2) It’s true that they like Kjerstad. 3) it’s true that they view him as an advanced hitter 4). It’s true that they didn’t want to pay Martin full slot. 5) it’s true that they took Kjerstad and not the other college/HS bats. 6) It’s true that your whole opinion is based off of what he was ranked by people who have very little idea, especially after a 2020 season that saw these guys get very little Playing time.
    • Let’s say this is the truth..that’s still awful that you need to stretch out 2.5M over multiple years to fit a mediocre, cheap player under your payroll.
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