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Brandon Hyde in his walk year?

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Orioles: According to The Athletic’s Dan Connolly, “one industry source said it’s believed” that 2021 is the last guaranteed year of manager Brandon Hyde’s contract, with the club possibly holding a club option for 2022.  For that matter, executive VP/general manager Mike Elias didn’t have his contract terms revealed when he was hired in November 2018, so he could also be in his final guaranteed year if he hired Hyde on a similar timeline to his own deal.  It doesn’t seem like a change is coming in either the front office or the dugout, as the Orioles are still at least a couple of years away from coming out of a complete rebuild.  (Connolly makes the case that Hyde should be retained, as Hyde has had little to work with as manager and deserves a chance to steward an actual competitive roster.)




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3 hours ago, DrungoHazewood said:

To summarize: We don't know how long Hyde's or Elias' contracts really are, but if this is the last guaranteed year for one or both of them then all kinds of stuff could happen and that's as exciting as baseball news gets on December 26th.

If and buts were candy and nuts, what a great place this would be. :)

Heck, we might have the rapture before 2022, and then all this is moot. :) :) :)


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1 minute ago, Frobby said:

I think Hyde has done a pretty good job to this point.   My guess would be that his contract is shorter than Elias’.    

I agree all in all, Hyde has done a pretty good job with what he has been given to work with. 

I think they should reup him and let him keep working.

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What I see from afar is a team that has played pretty hard for Hyde since Day 1. 

I have to imagine that Hyde and Elias are very much on the same page regarding how to handle the team, play the right players in the right situations and player development.

If 2021 is the last guaranteed year, I would expect Hyde's option to be picked up or a new contract executed to involve additional years.

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1 hour ago, Sports Guy said:

When you read the stuff like we saw from Iglesias, I think that tells us everything we need to know about how well Hyde is doing in terms of creating an environment that players want to be apart of.  


Elias is in control of the Roster, not Hyde.

Iglesias quote:


“Yes, I was,” he said this morning. “I was very comfortable, I loved the group and I was hoping to stay because I really, really, really get along and feel very comfortable. But at the same time Mike explained it is a business. There are business decisions behind every decision in the game today and I totally understand that and respect it.


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I don’t care one way or another about Hyde, but it is obvious that this article is just a bit of off-season fluff. If I had to choose, I would lay the responsibility for really sloppy fundamentals on him.

But the article addresses a controversy, however mild, that doesn’t exist.

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