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MLB Pipeline rankings coming up this week

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Teased on this week's podcast, that positional rankings will begin this week, culminating in their fresh Top 100 at month end.  I expect Callis/Mayo have regular reports on almost everyone from October instructs.

I'd touted their Grayson draft re-do placement a couple weeks back, and on this podcast, they again used his name as an MLB-wide poster child for the great unknowns of what we'll get when 2019's A-ball stars get back into games.  They talked about him a little in the context of can a guy last in Low-A in 2019 touch the Show in 2021, more like too tough a lift even for a special talent.   I think Callis/Mayo have hot reports, and it'll be interesting to see where among RHP they peg him.

He was #10 in last year's RHP list behind Mize, Pearson, Whitley, Kopech, Sixto, Manning, Patino, Howard, Hancock.   I think Sixto and Mize despite the scuffles very likely ahead but could imagine him pushing #3 RHP, and then #20-ish overall.

I half-think with Wander's bicep ouchie this winter, and anecdotes I've heard about ungodlike exit velocities and launch angles, there's some chance Adley leapfrogs.   They'll have a bunch of seasons to fight it out

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This will be the least-informed set of top prospects lists in history, due to the lack of a MiL season and the shortened college and HS seasons for those who were drafted.    So, I’m going to put even less stock in this year’s lists than I usually would.    I’m much more interested in where the O’s place their prospects once the MiL season arrives, and how the prospects perform once they get there, than I am about where any of these guys get ranked.   Fall instructs/reports of alternate site activities is pretty thin gruel on which to base a ranking.   

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Thin gruel indeed.   

I do think for this month that BA alums like Callis and Mayo having come inside the company maybe gives them a small edge on the BA/BP/FG cohort where normally I'd just look at a multi-source average, then perhaps who in the echo-ish chamber is high/low on someone.   Rodriguez getting a one of the Next Big Things marketing push couldn't hurt.   

Rutschman's placement will I think tell us more about Franco whispers this winter than anything else, a very flimsy leading indicator for the Harry and Voldemort AL East alpha dog of 2025 competition to come.

(But then Wander will be traded).

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