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High School Pitchers x 2

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I have some optimism for Hall/Rodriguez (nature of the HS pitcher beast) but I didn't have a notion of how often an org went to that demographic in the Top 30 back-to-back.

Skimming 1st rounds back to 2010, I found 10 pairings, and none since ours (we share that 2017-2018 timeline with one other club).   So figure 1 team/year on average has that pair of youths bubbling up who looked the best when they were 18, and could abide passing the NCAA experience.  Two of the pairings include the 2011 Padres, the only 3-in-a-row I spotted.   FWIW from 2010-2018, High School pitchers were the selections made ~6 times per year (always 5, 6 or 7), but then 2019 had just 3, and 2020 just 2--including that dastardly Rays Bitsko theft--for more obvious reasons.

The aspirational dynamic duos were

2010-2011 Padres - Whitson (9) and Ross (25)

2011-2012 Padres - Ross (25) and Fried (7)

2011-2012 Reds - Stephenson (27) and Travieso (14)

2014-2015 Royals - Griffin (28) and Russell (21)

2015-2016 Rockies - Nikorak (27) and Pint (4)

2015-2016 Tigers - Burrows (22) and Manning (9)

2015-2016 Braves - Allard (14), Soroka (28) and Anderson (3) -  +2 years--dream, dream, dream

2016-2017 Marlins - Garrett (7) and Rogers (13) -    last year, whoever the GM before Kim Ng was brought both up.    (Sixto younger than both!)

2017-2018 Orioles - Hall (21) and Rodriguez (11)

2017-2018 Padres - Gore (3) and Weathers (7)

A lot of nothings in there, a couple hits, and present unique standing among AL clubs with these babies.....FWIW. 


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The Padres certainly haven’t been shy about using their 1st round picks on HS pitchers.   Five of them on your list.  

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