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Patrick Dubuque of BP

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Are you here?     There isn't really a thread here other than that, save as a hat tip to some fine writing on an Oriole topic from a national website.


A lot of care and emotional energy seems to have gone into this new piece today about a movie where there is nothing more to say, and the end credits take years.

I'd love to be wrong, but suspect any PA given going forward come with a "present true talent" level more deviations from League Average than Bonds at his best.

The snippet I'll share from the paywall is he has the essence of it correct:

Their hope is that Davis will retire willingly, abandoning the $42 million still owed him. Or, failing that, a work stoppage or two that will alleviate some of the team’s debt to him. The possibility of that is worth more to the organization than the playing time he takes from some other developing player.

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