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2021 MLB Mock Draft

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

Thanks! That bio says he is known as a tough negotiator. It is always interesting to see how these shake out. You have to believe Lawlar has a bottom line number in mind. He is generally seen as a top 5 pick, but the number 1-2 talent. I tend to doubt that Elias will pay him slot, but if he falls to #5, he should.

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    • We all understand your argument. The quotes I shared were examples of straw man arguments you were attributing to myself or others. 
    • Yea but if you think about it, he probably gets 1-2 rehab starts.  Even if it’s just one, that’s a start and then 4 days off.  So that’s 5 days right there.  He wasn’t going to miss just another 9 days on top of that. Figure he starts working off the mound within a week, then he goes on a rehab assignment in late June/early July, has one or 2 starts and then the AS break is here. Possible he pitches in a game before the break but they could just give him more time and wait until after. Just hope he gets in a few good starts before July 30th and then they can decide whether trading him or not is on the table.
    • Ok that’s a bit of a longer layoff then I expected. I thought Means might sit out for two weeks and not an entire month. Hope this isn’t a prelude to a more serious injury. 
    • Interesting that the Yankees appear to be getting old, while the Giants are very old and collectively putting up great stats. Im curious whats behind the Giants resurgence. 
    • The quotes that you shared from me neither refute my point nor are contradictory. you just said yourself, “the question is how much and whether Pedro hits enough to be worth it” I never specifically mentioned anyone by name and even my direct comment to you was,” Your point SEEMS TO BE THAT IF HE IS HITTING WELL ENOUGH….” Which you just confirmed in your own comment, which is whether Severino hits well enough to be worth his defense, which is exactly the attitude I inferred. The comments that I am referencing claim that Severino’s offense-and Sisco’s as well-was sufficient to compensate for the defense. I always responded the same”no it doesn’t, league-average bedamned.”   I do not think anybody is making those arguments anymore, for which God be praised, but they certainly did.
    • That doesn't sound possible.  The bat sliver hit him in the eye all the way at first base? I need to find some video of that.   Found it, now I realize what you meant to say. https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2021/2021-06/19/3444ed34-a9507805-cf61094c-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4 Hadn't ever seen that happen before.
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