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Stallings increased velocity

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He definitely becomes more interesting if that's the case. Here's Fangraphs's blurb on him from last summer, where they have his FB velo as 88-92 (sits) / 93 tops, translating to a 45 (current) / 50 future grade on the pitch:


A growing number of teams shut down their newly-drafted pitchers during their first pro summer, which is what the Angels did with Stallings (it’s why he doesn’t have a player page yet), who threw a career-high 103 innings at Tennessee during the spring. In 251 career collegiate frames, Stallings walked just 37 hitters, and he didn’t issue a single free pass during his summer on Cape Cod. You’d think an extreme strike-thrower like this would have the most vanilla, stock footage delivery, but Stallings’ is actually kind of funky, and helps his stuff (which is very vanilla) play up a little bit. He’s a low variance fifth starter prospect.


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Cool video!

I honestly have no guess about how open source (or not!) the intellectual capital of Tread and the Baltimore Orioles are, or what the interplay between the workshops and clubs are.   Is Tread just the new restaurant in Garrett Stallings' hometown, or a preferred provider of the O's?   Matt Blood's intake process for Stallings this spring would be fascinating to hear.

Better cameras, bigger data are surely unraveling some of the game's old secrets.

It used to be conventional wisdom relievers burned bright and died fast - now everyone with enough growth mindset can probably make some gains, unless you're Jack Leiter where maybe it has been your whole life.

Stallings as a Tennesee Volunteer and a Garrett will be joined with the White Sox Crochet more or less permanently for me.   Pretty sure our guy was their Friday guy, maybe driving part of the Angels just shutting him down after the draft.

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Nice to see a young man take this kind of approach to making himself the best pitcher he can be.

Obviously he becomes more interesting at 92-95 instead of 88-90, but have to caution a few things here.

One, that's still a pretty effort delivery so we'd have to see how he can hold up over multiple innings. I'd like to know the spin rate and of course, can he command and does his fastball have much movement. 

Either way, this should be taken as a positive development and it will be interesting to watch him compete this year as a professional for the first time.

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On 3/13/2021 at 9:51 AM, Hazmat said:

I recall Tony being intrigued by Peek when the trade went down.  Let’s hope the velocity makes him even more interesting now.

At this point I just want to see these young men playing games that matter. It's great to see guys putting good numbers up while improving, but the results in the games are what matters.

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54 minutes ago, bobmc said:

Another recent peek at Peek


Man, I wonder where he got that video from? Would love to get my hands on some of those videos. I'm clearly jonesing for the minor league season to start.

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