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Sports Guy

Davis is making changes!

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3 hours ago, Sports Guy said:

Stan Charles asked that.  I was floored that he would mention it.

Leave it to Stan the Fan... lol.

Wondering which CD will be handling more this year... bat or the clubhouse broom.

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An open letter to Chris Davis:

Dear Chris,

Please come to a financial agreement with the O's to end your career in Baltimore immediately.  You have given the O's fans nothing but failure on a historical level for 3 straight years and show absolutely no signs of changing that.  You are also taking away opportunities for players who are far more deserving than you are.  You know that the right thing to do - for everyone's sake - is to retire immediately, and you owe it to everyone to do so.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and action to this matter.

 - Ruz




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He got that "Lower back strain" by stepping in that Ubaldo puddle. Love it though. I don't even want him taking PAs in spring training from Steve Wilkerson, and that says something.

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3 hours ago, OrioleDog said:

I Can't Believe It

Who had 2nd PA of the 1st Spring Training game in the pool?

He must have hurt it while carrying the team these last few years.  We couldn’t have been one for the worst teams in the sport without him!

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On 2/26/2021 at 6:10 PM, Hallas said:

I mean, the Angeloses saved like 12 million by not releasing him.  We're probably resigned to another season of watching Davis suck, if not for the likelihood (hope) that part of the 2021 season is cancelled and they won't be on the hook for the salary.


On 3/2/2021 at 11:55 AM, interloper said:

I've been saying it for awhile in a few threads - we won't have to worry much about Davis clogging the roster over the next two years. 

I honestly think this might be the beginning of the end and that he won't come north this year.

They've figured out how to handle Covid in sports. Teams will play. No salary relief this year. 

I doubt they bet on a strike. I think this little injury might be it for him. Am I crazy?

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