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2nd ST Game 3-1 @ Phillies

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2 minutes ago, scOtt said:

God! That Orioles ST hat logo is ... :puke:

It's very, very bad, but better than last year's that was glossy plastic material for the logo, I believe.

I purchased on this weekend for historical purposes. 

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Pop to (yes) Taylor Davis at 1st. That's the ballgame. A hockey blue balls tie...

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All of the pitcher's velocities and pitches can be found here: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?game_pk=641587&game_date=2021-3-1&type=away_pitchers&chart_view=pitch&chart_type=pitchName&inning=&count=&batter_hand=&pitcher_hand=&filter=&player=home-pitchers_445213&view=Umpire&coloring=Pitch Type

Of Note:
Lowther: 88-91, 0 whiffs in a 14-pitch inning. Threw five changeups.
Sceroler: 90-94, 0 whiffs in 14 pitches.
Wells: 94-95, 1 whiff (fastball)

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4 hours ago, wildcard said:

Cumberland has a decent chance to be Norfolk DH.

Is the book closed on him being a C?

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36 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Is the book closed on him being a C?

He'll still catch his share of games.

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    • The issue is that you are intentionally taking the GMs statement that the Os are not measuring success by wins as meaning something else....that the Orioles are not trying to win games. And then extrapolating that into the Orioles are trying to lose games.    That simply isn’t what is going on. And I think you know that. I think in general folks are on board with the rebuild. We are also at the point where we are about as far from being competitive as we have been in a long time.      I don’t know how much the pandemic has effected the rebuild, but minor leagues have been shut down for a loooong time.  I can’t help but think it probably cost us a full year.    I don’t know if Hyde will be the manager in 2 months or 2 years.  I really don’t worry about that at all. Right now, I just want to see the Os get better and develop talent.    I would say this is the last year the Os can continue with a mindset of we are not measuring success with wins. I think it is likely that success next year will be marked by small improvement to something along the lines of 75-80 wins.    I am trying to enjoy the moments.    The moments Mancini reminds us of what he can be. The moments Mountcastle reminds us that he could be in the mix for ROY. The moments John Means looks like a real #1 or #2. And yes the moment we get to see AR, Diaz and others crack the lineup.    It’s not the same as fretting over when Hyde rests Santander or who he pitches in the 8th or 9th. But this ain’t Toronto and whether or not we use our historically good closer in the 6th, 11th or ever. Hyde is gonna learn or he won’t. In the end, of the GM gets the talent part, getting someone to manage will be a breeze. 
    • Personally, I'm surprised Sisco didn't get charged with a PB.  He has looked bad this year.
    • Yea, to think some people actually bought the idea that no outside food had to do with covid.
    • I’m not going until I don’t have to wear a mask outside. MASN will do just fine until this mess is over and people aren’t ratting others out for mask vs. no mask.
    • Yeah, hard to see how there could be an instinct (in any useful definition of the term) for a heavily rule-regulated game like baseball. I think the "feel," "knack," etc. for a sport arises from early inculcation and many years of repetition, coaching, and emulation. Even "tools," though necessary and closer to what one might consider innate abilities, can't provide that. In fact, I think that there are just as many times that a "hunch" (the closest I can come at the moment to defining instinct) leads to bad results as good ones, e.g. trying to take an extra base or steal one at the wrong time or in the wrong game situation or all sorts of guesses, such as what type of pitch will be thrown or where a ball is going to be hit, when not based in study or prep. Sometimes a manager's role is to rein in what the player's "instinct" is, such as when a pitcher is convinced they can go longer, but actually should be taken out.
    • April 18, following series win vs Ranger: Win Div: 0.0% Win Wild Card 0.0% Make Playoffs 0.0% It was fun while it lasted, there is now zero chance.
    • I was very hungry so I paid the $13.50 I think it was for a regular Boogs sandwich and an additional $3 or $4 for the beans. I do not recommend this. The beans come in a tiny cup (maybe 4 or so spoonfuls worth) and taste the same as Bush’s. Absolute ripoff.
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