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5th Game vs Red Sox

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    • Real good combo    Using baseball reference  WAR Franco  -0.9 Valaika -0.6 Mountcastle -0.4 Wilkerson -0.4 Stewart -0.3 Santnader -0.3 Wynns -0.2 Combined  catchers is -0.3. Sisco was -0.3. Sevy is 0.2 3rd base -0.9  Combined 2nd  -0.6  Valaika, Urias 0.5, Wilkerson and Ruiz -0.1. I know some of these guys move around some but you get the point.  Thats -1.8 from those players playing those 3 spots . You basically have 3 positions that are brutal right now.  Hays 0.6 and Santander aren’t healthy and aren’t producing as like than can.  Stewart plays more in the OF than he should because of this. Mountcastle is playing well now but his glove never developed in LF.    Other than Mullins not much has gone right. Galvis has been serviceable. Mancini obviously.    The collective position player WAR is 2.9. Mullins, Mancini and Galvis are at 5.0 combined Mullins alone is at 3.0. So minus Mullins the rest of the team combined is at -0.1.     Pitching collectively is at 2.9 total WAR. Means alone is at 3.2. Fry and Sulser 0.8, Zimmerman is at 0.7, Scott 0.6 and Wells 0.5. Sceroler and Lakins are at -0.5 each. Armstrong was at -0.6 and Harvey is at -1.6.    At the end of the day Means and Mullins combine for 6.2 WAR and yet the team total is at 5.8. Just unreal. 
    • I love Jace Jung and would love to get him with the second pick next year. Is he eligible next year as a SO? 
    • Rushing can, at least to me, mean a few different things.   1) Moving up a prospect before their production at the current level shows they 'deserve' said promotion.  This move can be done for any number of reasons (team needs, being pushed, fan impatience, etc) but if a player is barely holding their own against A pitching, then it doesn't make much sense to move them to AA when they will be facing even better and more challenging pitchers.  Give them the time to figure things out at the 'lesser' level being giving them a further challenge.  And frankly I think that's it right there, we want them to be challenged, but not overwhelmed.  If a lower level is still a challenge for them, moving them higher is rushing them in my opinion.  Of course words like 'challenge' and 'overwhelmed' is a bit subjective, but for the most part we know it when we see it. 2) It can also mean from the team perspective, as in service time manipulation.  While it's very a much a case by case basis, the needs of the franchise can come before the needs of the player.  While we may argue if that's right or wrong, it IS part of the current system.  In some cases it makes sense to bring up a phenom and start their clock early...in some cases it doesn't make sense.  Clearly we've been arguing this at the hangout for a long time, and will continue to do so as long as it is in the rules and keeps happening, but a player can be rushed from a team perspective...just because a player is dominating AAA or whatever, does not automatically mean he should be with the MLB club.  At the end of the day a GM is responsible for BOTH the well being of his players and the needs of his franchise.  Service time manipulation and preventing super 2 status, etc, needs to be a factor in the decision making process.  Bringing them up 'too soon' could also be rushing them from a franchise standpoint. 3) Finally rushing could also happen if it screws with other players in the system.  With a smaller minor leagues, there are only so many spots, only so many at bats.  If you have good prospects at a position in all levels (A, AA, AAA) then when you move a guy up you either need to move the person he's taking at bats away from up also, or possibly down.  What you don't want to see is top prospects riding the bench as there are too many quality players at that level.  I'm not saying that currently applies to the Orioles as AAA doesn't have much talent.  But as we've seen with the shuffling in positions in our A and AA squads among the many talented infielders (I love having to say that) having too much at one level can hinder the growth of those around them.   Long and short I think it depends on perspective.  Some only seem to look at what's best for the player, some seem to only look at what's best for the long term franchise, some only look at what's best for the current team, and some look at all factors.  I'm not sure there is a clear cut 'this is a rushed player', though we can clearly find examples of players that were rushed historically.
    • First inning looked good. I think he got left to die out there because of the blowout. I mean he was pitching into his 4th inning which is a bit ridiculous. I think in a normal game he's out as soon as he allows his first run.
    • I feel like the majority of the board felt Lowther was being slow played the last few years so when he finally got to the bigs it didn't feel like he was rushed. But I'm not exactly sure why he was pegged to be the yo-yo guy over anyone else. I think they probably just thought he had enough experience.
    • Have to admit those AAA numbers are fairly impressive. Good to see him playing well at that level.
    • At this point, Santander is clearly not healthy.  They may as well promote Nevin to get regular at bats at DH/OF, while also promoting Jones and DFAing Wilkerson. None of that will injure the rebuild, and the team absolutely SUCKS right now - it's not like things can get worse at the ML level. 
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