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5th Game vs Red Sox

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    • We gotta stop falling apart against the Yankees. It’s going to be real fun to watch that moment when we turn the corner against them.  
    • “Mom and Dad, do you want your kids to end up like Chris Davis?  Well, better just give them the Aderall now, and not mess around with the Vyvanse. Little Johnny will fail the 7th grade otherwise.” -Every Psychiatrist 
    • I went Opening Day. I had a great experience.    Pros: - No traffic because the Pandemic.  - The lot under the bridge by the train was only $10 and took cash.  - No lines for the bathroom or when you enter the stadium.  - The staff there was really cool and you could tell that they were going the extra mile to make everyone comfortable.    Cons: - No Vendors in the stands. Such as beer man. (Hope Clarence is aight) - Long concession lines. Be smart and plan accordingly.  - The hand sanitizer machines were mostly empty that they had strategically placed.  Now what everyone is worried about. Mask wearing. Most people were very cool the entire time. The staff has even little paddle signs that they raise near someone to get them to put their mask on. I will say once I switched to the lower bowl at the end of the game, it was as if COVID never existed. The people in the cheap seats were 95% wearing masks at all times. Behind 1st base was about 25%. 
    • It seems like that the only possible way that the O’s (or most teams for that matter) can compete is by building an elite farm system.  Given how hard and how slow that process is, I wanted to ask the O’s experts on here a few simple question for discussion:   1. how long would you estimate that it takes for a team to go from a mediocre/poor farm system, to a system that has produced enough major league talent to win in the AL east?  Additionally, how long in your opinion does the pro club need to suck while building the farm. 2. is there a team that you would prefer that the O’s model their approach after?  Is it Tampa?  Toronto? St. Louis?  I think the Tampa model is the most brutally efficient, but I can’t see many people truly being happy with that model in the long haul (getting rid of good players while value is high, rarely spending a dollar in FA). 3. do you like the financial model of baseball as opposed to other professional leagues?  Baseball has always been my favorite sport, but it really seems to favor the larger market teams in the end.  Not that smaller market teams can’t compete, it’s just that every year it seems the larger market teams win.  I know there are some poor large market orgs, but I personally get disinterested when I see how imbalanced the competitive landscape can be at times.  
    • Same chance of getting you a championship in 2022.
    • o   lllllllllllllllllllllll. (vs. MARINERS, 12:35 PM)       llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll        llllllllllllllllllllll.l (vs. MARINERS, 4:05 PM)     llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll    o
    • Contracts like Davis really hurts the game overall more than it hurts the individual team. Typically teams that have a bad contract just pick up and move on from the player...meanwhile the fans hold a grudge towards the player. Baltimore is doing a disservice to the game by not releasing him and moving on.
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