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Prayers and good thoughts for weams (Update: Weams has passed on after watching the O's beat the Yankees)

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Thinking of you and JustD today.  Hope today is a good day. The O's are playing for a sweep in Oakland.  That is good.  You two getting a chance to enjoy it would be even better. 🙏

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6 hours ago, weams said:

Good to hear I am Still thought of. 

Continued powerful thoughts coming your way as always!  

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Miss you, buddy.  I didn't even know until I saw something on D's social media.  Been thinking of you, stay strong.  Look forward to the day we can all bask in the sunlight of an afternoon Orioles game.

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I signed on for the first time in maybe 7-8 years to comment on this. Surprised my name/pw still works. Thinking of you, weams. I don’t know any of the details, so please forgive me if this is totally inappropriate, but my mom had stage 4 colon cancer and she’s still with us. Keep fighting the fight. Sending positive vibes your way.

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7 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

Please continue to keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Always, Tony.   Every day, whether I post in this thread or not.   I’m missing his regular presence here terribly, and praying like hell for him.  

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On 3/10/2021 at 10:45 AM, Tony-OH said:

As many of you know, weams has been a staple here at the Hangout for many, many years. In fact, he's been with the Hangout longer than anyone besides me. Not only has he been a great managing editor and moderator, but he's also someone who I seek out for counsel on Hangout matters as well as being someone I consider a great friend.

Michael (weams) is the guy who knows many of you by your first names, have met with you, hung out with you at games, and will always meet you with a giant smile. He is absolutely the heart and soul of the Hangout community and someone that has kept the Hangout afloat during some tough times. He's one of the most loyal people I've ever met, if not the most loyal, and a true brother to me in many ways.

If you've noticed, weams hasn't been as active of late so after checking in on him, he told me that he has stage four kidney cancer. In typical weams way, he's upbeat as much as possible and does not want anyone feeling sorry for him, and in his own words, he's "not going anywhere soon." 

Saying that, I believe in the power of prayer and good thoughts and I also know the power of this community and how we ban together when times get rough. 

Michael has told me he's not going anywhere off the site anytime soon, and in fact, I know he's been spending a lot of time watching baseball this spring and following our conversations about our birds. 

If you have some time, please say a little prayer or send your good thoughts his way. If you wanna drop a quick note in this thread, please do so as I'm sure he will enjoy hearing from you all. Please also send them to his wife JustD (Denise). As one of our two known "Hangout" marriages, I've always had a special place in my heart for both.

I know several people who are still living years after their stage 4 diagnosis, and knowing the fighter that weams is, I expect him around for a long time.

So this is not a goodbye thread, nor is it a thread to start asking Michael a bunch of personal questions about his treatment and life expectancy, but it's a great time to reflect on what Michael has done for all of us while banding together to use our prayers and good thoughts towards a common goal.

Hi Michael

I pray for you Michael Weams big time. I don't post much on this site but one time I was stressed over something on this site and Michael really encouraged me and wanted to help.me.  I will never forget that. I am so dissapointed of hearing this news. I really pray he can go into remission and live a long life.




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