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Philies' World Series Opponents

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    • He pitches with an attitude. I like that.
    • One thing we have in abundance that others do not is opportunity. We have the ability to give these players time to see if they can figure it out. In two years, the bulk of our top talent will be ready to join the club. This year and next will be dedicated to finding out which pieces fit into the mix of what we have already drafted. The rest will come through pulling out the checkbook to fill the spots we need to be a World Series winner. I’m glad you guys are waking up and getting comfortable with the realization that we are two years away. It takes patience but that patience is going to pay off. Also, invest in HMBL. Thank you.
    • 2011-2012 saw a 24-game improvement. A lot of that was was lucky pick ups(Hammel, Mclouth, Saunders) and calling up Manny. In 2013, we regressed to 85, which is probably a better indicator of how good the team was without the luck we had in 2012, but it is true that we can add 25 wins in 2022 without ruining the damn “Plan” We need to have good seasons from our prospects, and if guys like Mateo win a spot, they have to produce. Can Mateo give us a 2 WAR season? I don’t know. He hasn’t, but the potential is certainly there. Tanner Scott never has, and yet we keep throwing his lame ass out there. Chance Sisco was awful from day 1, but we kept him for way too long. No reason not to give Mateo a chance.  but I digress. If 2-3 of our high prospect arms meet their potential, if we acquire a good infielder, Santander is healthy, and Good and AR come up quickly, then sure we can. That’s a lot of IF, but it’s neither impossible, nor even improbable. Its all a question of whether Mike wants to wait.
    • I don't disagree with that conceptually, but I don't think it's going to happen simply because I don't think other teams will pony up the kind of return we'd need to justify trading Means, and for the same kinds of concerns that make me open to trading him.....that I don't trust he'll be able to perform at the same level he's presently seen as being. 
    • I think trading Means and leaving Grayson without a veteran in the rotation is not a good move.   So acquire the veteran starter first then maybe it makes more sense to trade Means.  Frankly, I don't think it going to happen.
    • Spent some time the other night looking at other rosters and Miami, Texas, Atlanta, and San Francisco looked like the best bets for dealing Mullins. And the kind of prospects SF could deal from didn't wow me. Same with Philadelphia. Roll Tide's suggestion of Jung/Winn seems like a reach to me, but that would be a great deal.
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