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2021 Orioles Hall of Fame Inductees Announced: JJ Hardy, Mike Devereaux and Joe Angel. Plus Mo Gaba will be honored as a 2020 Inductee.

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57 minutes ago, OFFNY said:



A walk-off home run to left field against the California Angels ...... that phrase always reminds me of when I was in 9th grade in October of 1979, and John Lowenstein hit a walk-off home run to left field to give the Orioles a 1 game to 0 lead in the 1979 ALCS.



I'll never forget Earl coming out to hug Lowenstein as he rounded 3rd.  Such an un-Earl-like thing to do.

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4 hours ago, drdelaware said:

Lame undeserving  class. Other than Moe.

Here’s a list of the “bottom” of the Orioles HOF position players, by the rWAR they accumulated as an Oriole (total rWAR for all teams in parentheses).

Luis Aparicio 16.4 in 721 games (55.9)

Gary Roenicke 15.7 rWAR in 850 games (15.4)

J.J. Hardy 15.7 rWAR in 889 games (28.1)[

Jim Gentile 14.8 rWAR in 583 games (17.1)

Mike Bordick 14.5 rWAR in 739 games (26.8)

Rich Dauer 14.4 rWAR in 1140 games (14.4)

Gus Triandos 13.2 rWAR in 953 games (14.1)

Mike Devereaux 13.0 rWAR in 878 games (14.6)

Roberto Alomar 12.5 rWAR in 412 games (67.0)

Harold Baines 9.5 rWAR in 666 games (38.7)

Elrod Hendricks 7.3 rWAR in 657 games (7.5)

John Lowenstein 7.2 rWAR in 745 games (10.0)

Lee May 4.5 rWAR in 794 games (27.2)

I’m certainly fine with including Hardy in the OHOF.   He won three Gold Gloves here and anchored the defense on three playoff teams.  When I ran a poll on who from those teams would make the Orioles Hall of Fame, Hardy came in fourth, behind Jones, Markakis and Machado.  https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33439-which-of-the-2012-16-orioles-would-you-put-in-the-orioles-hof/&tab=comments#comment-2393096

Devereaux is more debatable but certainly not the worst position player in the OHOF.



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17 hours ago, DrungoHazewood said:

Devereaux clinched Oriole Hall of Fame-dom with this one swing.  I was working at Roy Rogers the summer before my freshman year in college, so I didn't see it live, but on the way home the radio guys were still in disbelief hours later.

This always makes me think of Devereaux narrating this at bat in the “Why Not?” year-end VHS video. “Come on... stay fair, stay fair, stay fair... yeah, all right!” 

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    • Here are some key monthly splits. Offense  March/April (12-14 record): 3.62 R/G (14th), .224/.282/.366 (14th in OPS), 0.96 HR/G (13th), .211/.291/.303 with RISP. May (5-23): 3.86 R/G (13th), .234/.307/.397 (8th), 1.07 HR/G (10th), .219/.311/.317 with RISP June (10-17): 4.85 R/G (8th), .255/.317/.420 (9th), 1.37 HR/G (9th), .288/.337/.446 with RISP July (10-12): 4.41 R/G (9th), .232/.303/.400 (10th), 1.23 HR/G (10th), .231/.309/.329 with RISP August (4-24): 3.86 R/G (14th), .250/.302/.432 (9th), 1.39 HR/G (6th), .214/.291/.303 with RISP Sept./Oct. (11-20): 3.90 R/G (14th), .237/.308/.391 (12th), 1.19 HR/G (7th), .225/.314/.398 with RISP Pitching  March/April (12-14): 4.01 ERA (8th), 5.00 starters (14th), 4.85 IP/S (11th), 2.81 relievers (5th), 7 of 12 saves May (5-23): 5.89 ERA (15th), 5.69 starters (15th), 4.63 IP/S (15th), 6.13 relievers (15th), 2 of 8 saves June (10-17): 6.38 ERA (15th), 7.42 starters (15th), 4.22 IP/S (15th), 5.40 relievers (14th), 6 of 8 saves July (10-12): 5.35 ERA (15th), 5.67 starters (12th), 4.62 IP/S (15th), 5.01 relievers (11th), 3 of 5 saves August (4-24): 7.43 ERA (15th), 7.20 starters (15th), 4.60 IP/S (13th), 7.69 relievers (15th), 1 of 4 saves Sept./Oct. (11-20): 5.84 ERA (15th), 5.05 starters (12th), 4.37 IP/S (12th), 6.63 relievers (15th), 7 of 17 saves   I’ve bolded a few things that really stood out to me.   On offense, we had four of six moths where we were absolutely terrible with RISP.    For context, the league average slash line with RISP was .255/.333/.422.   In particular, look at the slugging percentages with RISP in the four feeble months: .303, .317, .329, and .303.   Just goes to show how empty most of our homers were. As to pitching, the starters and bullpen were both very respectable in March/April and gave us false hopes for a fun summer.    They were both terrible thereafter, and I think an under-discussed aspect was how bad the bullpen was, not just in ERA but bottom line results in failing to preserve leads, especially over the last two months of the year.   If you want to see a significant improvement in the team’s record next year, a halfway respectable performance by the bullpen would go a surprisingly long way.  
    • A better order Better bring in a haul - Mullins, Hays, Means Some To little value; could gain much more value w/ good start to 2022 - Santander, Mancini, Sulser, Scott, Tate, Lyles Currently no value, but bc of age, service time, and/or potential to reach peak value, IF they were to perform WOULD have trade value - Fry, Lopez, Odor, Stewart    
    • I was shocked at first but did some research on the current market, and  1 year 7 million is spot on for Lyles to the O's
    • They have no current value, but this thread discusses potential to build value as well.
    • There was no real order
    • I do not want Green.  Just way too many strike outs, too many holes in the swing for me to be comfortable with.   
    • September/October2021 -- finally getting around to this. 11-20 record 6-14 vs. AL East 8-10 at home 3-10 on the road 5-7 in one-run games 1-4 in extra innings Batting 3.90 runs/game was 14th in the AL .237 BA was 12th .308 OBP was 10th .391 SLG was 12th .699 OPS was 12th 1.19 HR/G was 7th .225/.314/.398 with RISP (274 PA, 236 AB, 53 H, 94 TB, 86 TOB) Pitching 5.84 ERA was last in the AL 5.97 RA/G was last 1.77 HR/G was last 5.05 starter ERA was 12th 4.37 IP/start was 12th 6.63 bullpen ERA was last 7 saves was tied for 8th 17 save opportunities  10 blown saves  Defense 10 unearned runs was tied for 10th fewest in the AL 0.42 errors/game (13 errors) -0.7 fangraphs defense 1.3 UZR (+ 3.3 OF, +2.0 IF) -1 Rtot -3 Rdrs 0 OAA Cumulative through September/October 2021 Batting 4.07 runs/game was 14th in the AL .239 BA was 10th .304 OBP was 12th .402 SLG was 11th .705 OPS was 12th 1.20 HR/G was 10th .232/.311/.353 with RISP (1437 PA,  1241 AB, 288 H, 438 TB, 445 TOB)(.664 OPS with RISP was last in the AL) Pitching 5.84 ERA was last in the AL 5.90 RA/G was last 1.59 HR/G was last 5.99 starter ERA was last 4.54 IP/start was last 5.70 bullpen ERA was last  26 saves was last 54 save opportunities was 13th 28 blown saves was tied for 2nd most Defense 46 unearned runs was fewest in the AL  0.46 errors/game (74 errors) was 3rd fewest 0.1 fangraphs defense was 8th in AL -3.9 UZR was 10th  (-4.4 OF, +0.5 IF) -46 Rtot was 14th - 30 Rdrs was 12th -16 OAA Conclusion:  The offense was pretty much its usual well below average self in September/October, and while the hitting with RISP was a little better than it was on the season as a whole (.712 OPS vs. .664), somehow the team still was 14th in runs per game despite doing better than that in BA, OBP, SLG and OPS (all in the 10th-12th range).   Not epically bad, just regular bad.   The starting pitching also was only regular bad, and better than its usual epically awful, posting a 5.05 ERA in September/October compared to 5.99 on the season.   But the bullpen really carried the team to the no. 1 draft pick, posting a 6.63 ERA for the month and blowing 10 of 17 save opportunities.   Think about that -- 17 save opportunities in one month is a lot!   But the pen blew more than half of them.   The pen was epically bad this season, and even more horrible in September/October.   Finally, the defense was sort of middling in the final month, both by standard and advanced metrics.   It's interesting that on the year, the O's allowed the fewest unearned runs of any team in the league, and the 3rd fewest errors, and yet, Rdrs had them at -46 runs, Rtot said -30, and OAA said -16.    All in all, there's a ton of work to do in all areas for 2022.   The pitching in particular just has to get better.   And I think it will, because it pretty much cannot get worse, either for the starters (5.99 ERA for the year while covering only 4.54 IP per start) or the bullpen (5.70 ERA and a 48% save rate).    But how much better is the key to how significantly our team will improve in 2021.
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