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How many games will the Orioles win in 2021?

How many games will the Orioles win in 2021?  

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  1. 1. How many games will the Orioles win in 2021?

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I’m in the 61-65 category.    Last year we played at a 67.5 win clip, but I definitely feel we benefitted from having a shorter season and extra players on the roster.    So, I think we’ll regress in our winning percentage but still beat 2019 without difficulty.   

As is often the case, pitching will decide just how bad we are.   The offense will be below average but not embarrassing.   The big question is how many times will we be completely out of it by the 3rd to 5th inning.    The rotation is full of question marks, but sometimes those questions are answered in the affirmative.  

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In the spring hope springs eternal, everyone is young an attractive and there are no mosquitoes.

i will be extremely disappointed with anything under 65, delighted with 72+but expect 68-70, went 71-75 in the poll.

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I like that they weren't keeping Felix or Sanchez, demoted Akin and made Kremer the 5th starter. Nothing is being handed to people who aren't earning it. I think that bodes well.

I'm still not sure I can be bullish. I say 61-65. I'll believe in this direction at the ML level when I see it bear fruit. The lineup has some decent to good players, but it also has some bad players and zero (as far as I can tell) great players. Very little upside, especially compared to the best teams.

I'm more bullish on the pitching, not because of tremendous upside (which is in the minors), but because there's a depth of decent guys. That in theory should keep us in many games.

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Cautiously optimistic for 2021 overall, so put me down for 71-75 Oriole dubyas: probably will be a bit rough for them in the early-going but then they pick up some steam as the year progresses and some of the lads on the farm get promoted and claim jobs. 

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