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Minor league rosters

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Texas Rangers have released their breakcamp rosters.  For the last few years they have been the first team to reveal who will be on their farm teams. Most major league teams release rosters about 4-5 days after Texas. 



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3 hours ago, KarlofDelaware said:

Texas Rangers have released their breakcamp rosters.  For the last few years they have been the first team to reveal who will be on their farm teams. Most major league teams release rosters about 4-5 days after Texas. 



Maybe not this year.  I just looked back at 2019, and break camp rosters were announced on March 29 for a season starting April 4.    This season starts May 4, so if the O’s followed that pattern this year, break camp rosters would be announced today.    Hope so, I could use the diversion.  

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Every year for the past decade I guess on the Delmarva Shorebirds break camp roster before it is released. My best year was 75% correct and my worst was 45%.  This year will be more difficult as 1) no minor league season in 2020, and 2) less info leaking out of Twin Lakes in Sarasota as to how spring training is going.  But here goes:

catcher: burgess, cody roberts, yett

infield: g. henderson, hernaiz, joey ortiz, daschbach, mayo, carmona

outfield: haskins, sparks, zach watson, janvrin, louis gonzalez

pitcher: peek, magee, hammer, brinovich, roth, strowd, mclarty, lyons, leonardo rodriquez, zebron, easton lucas, mcsweeny, farmer, louis ortiz, gillispie, 


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From Roch's Blog this morning.  Very annoying that they are going to wait until Tuesday!

Orioles minor leaguers are breaking spring training camp today and heading north, hitting the road and catching flights to join their respective affiliates for the resumption of a season that never got off the ground in 2020.

Teams will announce their rosters on Tuesday as an attachment to opening day.

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    • Love that a 6 IP, 1.00 WHIP (0 BB), 0 ER start in which he had a low pitch count and was only pulled for a pinch hitter in a situation that clearly called for it is so ho-hum / expected at this point  
    • Game 36, May 11 Defense arguably cost us this game in the 9th inning.    With one out and runners on first and second, Hays dove for a soft liner in the gap but came well short of catching it.   Mullins fielded it cleanly on a hop and relayed it to Urias, who turned and threw home high and wide while the runner scored from 2B.   The play was backed up, but the bad throw allowed Jonathan Villar, who had been on 1B, to advance to 3B with only one out.   With the infield in, the hitter bounced a grounder to Mancini, whose throw to Severino came in head-high and Severino’s tag was late.   If the throw had been knee high, it would have been very close at the plate, though I can’t say Villar definitely would have been out.  I’d also say Mancini’s throw was a bit fluttery in addition to coming in too high.    The first play was notable in several respects.   First, Hays’ dive was ill-advised, as he really wasn’t close to catching it.   Second, Mullins made the decision to relay the ball to Urias rather than throw directly home, which was probably the right decision given his weak arm (even his relay throw was a one-hopper) but an outfielder with a stronger arm might have been able to nail the runner at the plate.   Third, with Mullins having made that decision, it was a mistake for Urias to turn and throw home.   And then, his throw wasn’t good.   So all around, a very disappointing play.     
    • Man I hope it works out for this kid. He's so close.
    • Right. I used to prefer Hall because of his actual elite upside as a lefty. His control issues became more apparent as Rodriguez's upside started to emerge as elite too, so I flipped. I know elite's a word that we shouldn't throw around a ton, but the upside of these two is off the charts and they're at a better spot arguably than any group we've had here in a long time. Think of this list of misses and good but not great guys. Loewen was supposed to be awesome, but never performed. Matt Riley was hyped, but rushed and seemingly didn't have the maturity for the gig. Matusz was a top pick, but without elite stuff. Arrieta was pretty electric in the minors and was grouped with Matusz/Hernandez and others, so that was certainly a nice crop. Gausman didn't have the 3rd pitch. Harvey does have an elite arm was hurt almost from the jump. Even Bundy's crazy elite profile was tempered almost immediately by velocity drops and shoulder issues. Then there's Hobgoo..... These two have crossed time/stuff/performance hurdles that many of our other guys haven't. They're not here yet. They have risk, and Hall still does with command for sure, but they're the best top 2 pitching prospects we've paired since McDonald/Mussina, IMO.
    • We came back to win one of the three, so that one probably didn’t register with you.   That was the April 29 game against the Yankees where Mullins hit a sac fly in extra innings to win the game, so everyone left happy despite the blown save in the 9th. The first blown save was against Boston on April 10 and came in the top of the 9th.    We didn’t score in the bottom half and then lost in extra innings.    So, this is the first blown save that resulted in an immediate, walk-off loss.    Those always burn the most.    
    • I've been imagining an unrealistic best case scenario where we hover around .500 for the next few months and then call up Hall, Rutschman, and Jones. Add in a healthy Santander and I could see a pretty decent team. Hall is certainly doing his part, and Santander is back soon. But Adley's bat and Jones' glove are squashing that fantasy. It's weird, if we can't be good this year I'd just assume we lock in one more high draft slot. Which all means we'll end up with a blah record and a blah pick of course.
    • Gunnar Henderson is tearing it up. Even if he moves to 3B there's Westburg.
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