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Orioles visit Seattle for 3 -- first game Monday night

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Just now, PHRESH said:

I dunno. It would have been close. I think Hays got too good of a jump and with Crawford going to the ground, he knew he probably wouldn't get him. 

Yeah, it's hard to say.  I dunno.

Mountcastle with a walk.  That's rare.


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    • Last year reminded me how much I missed baseball when I didn't have it available to ignore. So I am watching more this year than I did in 2018 or 2019. But It's usually for about an hour or so tops and I'm checking out once the game is no longer competitive.  This Astros series was a total disaster. I barely tuned in.
    • This year, the trade deadline is set for July 30.  Once the deadline has passed, I am hoping to see a team full of young players.   Move I would like to see, in no particular order:   Trades: -Trade Mancini to the Brewers.  In return, we receive MI prospect Brice Turang and Aaron Ashby.  Move 2:  Nevin brought up after Mancini is dealt. - Paul Fry and Anthony Santander to the Indians for Bryan Rocchio, Daniel Espino, Logan Allen. - Galvis to the A's for Grant Holmes and Hogan Harris I would explore deals for Means and Mullins, especially Means (I feel he would be worth more right now).    Not saying I would definitely trade either one but I think there are a lot of deals out there, again especially for Means, that would make me say yes.  I am assuming for now they stay though, Releases/DFA: - Matt Harvey - Pedro Severino - Pat Valaika Recalls/promotions: - J Jones (or Vavra, who I like more but is currently hurt and likely not moved up yet) - Adley - Lowther - Nevin - Diaz - Leyba -McKenna Team: C- Rutschman 1st- Mouncastle 2nd- Jones (I know he isn't likely to stay here but I would like to see him there first) SS- Leyba 3rd- Franco (assuming he can't be dealt) LF- Hays CF- Mullins RF- Diaz DH- Nevin/Stewart Bench: Wynns, McKenna, Wilkerson, Nevin/Stewart (whoever isn't starting that day) Rotation: Means, Zimmerman (when healthy of course), Lowther, Kremer, Akin Bullpen: Lopez (moved into high leverage situations), Scott, Susler (if not traded, guessing limited market and not moving him but not blocking anyone and pitching well enough to keep), Wells, Tate, Plutko, Valdez or MiLer/trade target.  Valdez could be another DFA guy. Last spot is probably another pitcher, perhaps Alex Wells if he keeps pitching well. I could see them wanting another guy who can pitch 3+ innings. I would also consider Bradish as a guy to come up and start and push one of the other starters into the pen.
    • The upside is that when Elias decides to flip the switch it won’t be hard to upgrade those positions!  I’d had some hopes that Bannon and Jones would be upgrades.   Bannon had a terrible May and is hurt now.   Jones seems ready offensively but it’s questionable whether he can play an adequate 2B.    Personally I’m ready to find out.  
    • I think there's something about the Sanchez situation we don't know.  Something negative about him, either as a player or a person, that they discovered after he had been in camp a month.  No idea what.
    • Exactly. The lack of depth. Diaz hurt as well.     Dodgers are on pace for mid 90’s wins with Betts playing by his level decent and Bellinger and Seager hurt. 
    • We are worse than I thought we would be. I thought 95-98 losses. This team looks like a 110 loss team right now.    I still have no idea what they were doing with 2nd base. I wonder if ownership told Elias to cut money late in camp with Sanchez. Always possible Sanchez would have been even worse but still. Franco who I didn’t expect much from has been bad.  I said before the year I never saw a more unproven pitching staff in my life. Going this route, especially relying on young starters off a season like last year has been a debacle. Rebuild or not you need more depth. 
    • I don't think he would have even been brought in in a "normal game".  He was brought up to be the last man in the pen, the role Sceroler had filled.  They guy who comes in when the win probability is already under 5% so he can't really hurt our chances.
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