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Orioles visit Seattle for 3 -- first game Monday night

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Kramer had his best game of the season to-date ...... certainly much better than his previous outing against the Mariners, in Baltimore.



18 OUTS: )  7 Flyouts, 4 Strikeouts, 2 Foulouts, 2 Popouts, 2 Lineouts, 1 Groundout





H:llll.2 ) l(1 Home Run, 1 Single)

R:llll 1



Pitches: l) 94 )(61)Strikes, )33)Balls)

2021 ERA: l) 86.43 )  21.00 IP  (15 ER) 

2021 WHIP: l)  1.619  )  21.00 IP  (34 H/BB) 

2021 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l)  .306  )(26 for 85)   




22  l.(13 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

11  lll(81 llStrikes, lll.llBalls)

12  lll(91 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

15  lll(91 lllStrikes, llllllBalls)

22  lll(14 lllStrikes, llllllBalls)

12  lll(81 lllStrikes, llllllBalls)



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    • I think Lopez's ultimate role will be as a reliever but I wouldn't take him out of the rotation for Lowther. Lopez has shown much more than Lowther this year. If Harvey was coming out of the rotation it probably would have happened by now. I think they're fine letting him start and bringing the youngsters in to mop-up after him. When you're tanking you have to go all the way with it and Elias is certainly doing that. 
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    • Does that include the offseason?
    • If they DFA Sceroler anytime this year he will have to goes through waivers and bevoffered back to the Reds.
    • Stewart wasn't a reach. Grenier was a reach IMO but that was more so for positional need than trying to save money (which, IMO, is an even worse reason). I think the Hobgood pick is the only one that really applies to this argument.  Jordan definitely said that he had Hogbood ranked similar to some others and that we was trying to save money to spend later in the draft (which he did). But ultimately, no, I see very little evidence that this is an organizational strategy by the Orioles.  They've picked highly ranked players at the top spots many times before.  The Kjerstad pick, to date, has been nothing more than unforeseeable bad luck.
    • Well, I intentionally don’t follow the various draft rankings and pundit evaluations very closely.   I have no idea if Lawler is the best talent in the draft, how much better he is than the next guy we might pick, or what his demands are compared to other players’.   I do know that a lot of highly touted players don’t pan out, so I do think there’s risk in putting all your eggs in one basket and taking the guy you like best at the expense of essentially punting on a second round pick.   But it all boils down to evaluations.   
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