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Orioles Win 5-3 In Seattle (Game Recap)

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This was the first time the Orioles and Mariners played a nine inning game this year. If it had been seven innings like the previous four games, Seattle would have won 1-0.

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    • They would and should do the Miller trade 100 times out of a 100.
    • Just a small caveat to your post... I think our record has NOTHING to do with it. Even if we were one game back (or ahead) at the trade deadline, Elias would trade his mother if he thought it helped the organization long term. No Angelos/Duquette trading prospects for short-term chances for Elias. I'm looking at YOU EdRod!
    • F cancer! I lost a good friend to leukemia about 15 years ago. 28 years old and newly married.
    • With he O's already 7 back in the standings it likely that Matt Harvey, Freddy Galvis and Pedro Severino will to on the trade block in July.   Harvey and Galvis because they are free agents at the end of the season.  Severino because he will be in in 2nd arbitration year and the O's are probably not going to want pay him.  They probably will not offer arbitration so if any team will  offer something in trade for him at the trade deadline the O's will probably move him.  Adley will be the O's starting catcher in 2022. Harvey leaving would just make more room for Kremer, Lopez, Akin, Zimmermann, Lowther  and at some point Baumann in the rotation. If Galvis goes  Valaika and Urias would take over the SS duties.   I look for Wilkerson to be promoted soon and given a shot at 2B.  Franco has no trade value IMO and will probably stay the season at 3B.   Valaika, Urias, Ruiz and Wilkerson all have options so they can be moved up and down to Norfolk depending on production and health.   Jones and Bannon don't appear ready for the majors to me and are already being challenged for their AAA spots by Vavra and Dorrian.   I don't think Richie Martin makes it through the season on the 40 man roster if he continues his poor hitting.  They can use his roster spot for someone else. Sisco, Wynns and Cumberland will share the catching duties  if Severino is traded until Adley is ready.  I don't expect Adley to be promoted to the majors this season. Santander, Wilkerson and Cumberland could help the O's offense.   I don't know whether Cumberland catching would be a good thing for the young pitchers though.  i think of him   more as a hitter.  
    • I'm still sticking to my prediction, exactly 70 wins.
    • Last week, Glenn Clark had Jim Callis on his show.  I heard a few min of the interview and he was talking about the Vandy pitchers. While I can’t say I would be upset if they took either of them, I can say right now that I hope they don’t.  I think there are a lot of red flags there that give me a lot of pause.
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