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Adley Rutschman 2021

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1 minute ago, Moose Milligan said:

Tell me the first few weeks of the 2022 season are more important than an extra year of control in his prime.

I didn't say I'd be happy about it.

Ok I agree. Just wasn’t sure because you also said 100% OD catcher. 

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9 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

I should have added the caveat that the service clock manipulation game will be gone in the next CBA.  

If it’s gone. Usually the older players make the CBA so it’s advantageous for them at this point to keep it going. Maybe they scale it back. 

I think AR should’ve been in the MLB for a large portion of this season. But that’s me. I just don’t see why you hold back a C and put any milb wear and tare on their knees that they don’t need. Even with us being the worst team in MLB. 

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Caught Stealing #2 happened last night in the 1st inning on I believe a busted hit and run (or manager starting the runner on 1st, one out, 3-2 pitch, however you'd label that) as Neustrom began his very off night (0-for-4, 4K's).

The only ball in play on the night was the 1st inning single - low line drive over the 3B's head, though he was standing normal SS as the only left side infielder against LHB Rutschman.

It was my first Harbor Park visit, and certainly put flesh on the bones of appreciating its run suppressing nature.   The alleys get out to 375 quick.   We were sitting 1st base side and noticed the flags blowing in steadily off the water from RF all game long, and seeing became feeling when we moved for postgame fireworks.   Re-positioning to 3B side, it was cooler as the steady breeze we'd been sheltered from 1B side came right in on us.    

It hit me the same as San Francisco, maybe not so bad for RH HR hitters (Mountcastle got his), but the lefty sluggers Elias is eyeing up to bomb Eutaw Street will have the regular tough go.

Yusniel had a nice catch going hard into LF foul territory just shy of the foul pole, notable mostly because there's a door to an under stadium area right there, and his momentum carried him right on through it.   But was down to 8th in the batting order (ahead of Ryan Ripken, seeing that in person, yeeesh), and had a terrible at-bat for the final out of the game after consecutive errors/misplays put the tying runs on base.

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18 minutes ago, Mooreisbetter27 said:


Great article by Joe Trezza on Adley.

I don't know how I never knew that he was drafted in the 40th round in 2016 by the Mariners.  Or maybe I knew when we drafted him and just forgot.  

Fantastic article.   I cannot wait for his arrival in Baltimore.   

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58 minutes ago, wildcard said:

Its reads like Joe Trezza is trying to be a better version of himself.  Like everyone else that comes into contact with Adley.

The Tides are 12-14 since Adley joined them, so if his winning character is supposed to rub off on his teammates, it hasn’t had much effect.   Of course, 12-14 (.462) is better than the previous 32-50 (.390).   

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