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May 5: afternoon rubber match in Seattle with Means on the mound

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Gametime:  3:40 pm EDT

MatchupJohn Means (L) vs Yusei Kikuchi (L)

Weather:   65 degrees and sunny


1. Cedric Mullins (L) CF
2. Austin Hays (R) LF
3. Trey Mancini (R) DH
4. Pedro Severino (R) C
5. Maikel Franco (R) 3B
6. Ryan Mountcastle (R) 1B
7. Pat Valaika (R) 2B
8. DJ Stewart (L) RF
9. Ramon Urias (R) SS
1. Mitch Haniger (R) RF
2. Ty France (R) DH
3. Kyle Seager (L) 3B
4. Kyle Lewis (R) CF
5. Tom Murphy (R) C
6. Evan White (R) 1B
7. Dylan Moore (R) 2B
8. Sam Haggerty (S) LF
9. J.P. Crawford (L) SS
Orioles Bench
Freddy Galvis (S)
Rio Ruiz (L)
Chance Sisco (L)
Orioles Bullpen (last used)
       Shawn Armstrong (0.1 IP, 12p Monday)

       Isaac Mattson (joined roster from alternate camp Monday, had been on taxi squad for entire road trip)
       Cole Sulser (1.0 IP, 8p Monday; 0.2 IP, 21p Saturday)     

       Dillon Tate (1.2 IP, 24p Saturday)
       Cesar Valdez (1.0 IP, 10p Monday) 
       Tyler Wells (2.0 IP, 29p Wednesday)
   May be available:
       Paul Fry* (0.2 IP, 11p last night; 1.1 IP, 18p Sunday)

       Travis Lakins (0.0 IP, 12p last night; 0.2 IP, 14p Sunday)    

   Not available:
       Adam Plutko (1.2 IP, 30p  yesterday; 1.0 IP, 20p Sunday)

       Tanner Scott* (1.0 IP, 7p last night; 0.2 IP, 4p Monday; 1.0 IP, 25p Saturday 1.0 IP)

*Lefthanders indicated by asterisk


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Boyce Cedric Mullins II - CF

Austin Charles Bryan "C.B." Hays - LF

Joseph Anthony "Trey" Mancini III - DH

Pedro Severino De Leon - C 

Maikel Franco - 3B 

Ryan Mountcastle - 1B

Patrick Valaika - 2B

Demetrius Jerome "D.J." Stewart - RF 

Ramon Urias - SS 

John Alan Means - LHP )) (1-0, 1.70 ERA) ) *


* )) Leads the Major Leagues in Winning Percentage (1.000)



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A giant of a Getaway Day.    Let's see if the batters will try harder than the White Sox and Reds, where before an off-day, they seem to have let Keuchel and Sonny Gray get them to the 7th inning in about an hour.

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19 minutes ago, OrioleDog said:


A giant of a Getaway Day ...... let's see if the batters will try harder than the White Sox and Reds, where before an off-day, they seem to have let Keuchel and Sonny Gray get them to the 7th inning in about an hour.




That game started at 12:35 PM.

It is still a rather fast contest, though.



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(Pre-Game Chatter)


Jahmai Jones just hit a 2-Run Home Run for AAA-Norfolk against AAA-Jacksonville.



SOURCE: ) Steve Melewski



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I'm glad Means is pitching today.   If there's anyone on the staff who lives up to the late Ray Miller's mantra of "Work Fast, Change Speeds, Throw Strikes", it is Means.

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That was a rare half-inning ...... Kikuchi walked a batter, did not induce a double play, and still only threw a total of 9 pitches to get all 3 outs AND the Walk.



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Just now, RVAOsFan said:

Can we just extend Means now? I know, everyone says trade him, but its so hard to find good pitching.

Do it now we could get him for.... 5 mill a year? BARGAIN for an ace. Or even a near ace.

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    • Only has 57 post, give them a break.  Probably better posted in my post on the MLB guidance thread but I do find it interesting that the kid cant take responsibility for their own actions when they were clearly breaking mlb rules that have been in place for half a century or more.  
    • Sorry if I'm coming off a little preachy in my last post. This is just a really insane situation. Minor league salaries did get a bump a year ago, but 43 teams were also dissolved. Hell, a few years ago players were not only paid a horrible wage, they had to pay clubhouse fees. I'm a capitalist, but watching Chris Davis make over $21 million this year to spend the entire year at home in Texas, while we have AA players sleeping in their cars just to make ends meet? And if the fans don't care about that situation, nobody else will. Certainly not the two Goliaths battling over the new CBA and how two divy up over $10 billion in revenue per year. Damn.......I'm getting preachy again. Ok, I'll stop. 
    • Generally speaking, the kind of players that are having their service time manipulated originally signed for sizable bonuses, and many will be paid MLB salaries for multiple years. The players that are talking about sleeping in cars didn't get those big bonuses. If they're in AA they're making about $12k a year, only paid during the five month season. Apparently not paid at all during spring training or AFL.  Worth noting that I'm not at all a fan of the system allows teams to manipulate service clocks at all. If Rutschman is ready on August 1st, he should be called up on August 1st, not held out until some day in April the following season. But as a fan who wants to see the club win, and sustain that winning, manipulating a players' service clock has become an accepted reality in order to retain players you otherwise couldn't afford to keep.  To me, all of this boils down to the absurdity of the Uniform Minor League Player Contract and corresponding salary terms being negotiated solely by two parties that do not represent minor league players in any capacity. The owners don't want to pay any more than they absolutely have to, and the Major League Players Association doesn't want to lessen the potential salaries of the players they do represent. It leaves the average minor league player earning below the federal poverty line. I find it a particularly odd contrast to be building a state of the art 22.5 acre training facility in the Dominican Republic but we won't provide basic housing solutions for our players in the organization.  I'm not feeling at all conflicted about my anger. 
    • The varying combinations of Berra, Elston Howard and Johnny Blanchard used by the NYYs in the late 50s and early 60s were pretty good.
    • I saw him demolish a pitch on Thursday at Bowling Green but then not much after that and he dropped a fly ball to cost Aberdeen a game Saturday. I agree though that he is one to watch.
    • Didn’t think the ump was as bad as everyone else in the stadium did, but there’s no doubt he was inconsistent and squeezing early then opened the zone way up in the last few innings. Grayson seemed to be relying on the FB/CU combo for the most part. Both pitches looked nice, though he was barreled a few times and seemed to let too many hitters hang around fouling pitches off in the first couple innings.
    • I do find it amusing that some of the folks that are unhappy with this situation are fine with the Orioles gaming service time to suppress salary and delay the ability to choose an employer.
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