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Where is the O's pitching staff headed

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Look no further than Hunter Harvey, plans often don't match up with reality. Way too early to be predicting the rotation years off into the future. I would say Hall and Rodriguez are Plan A, but you also need to have a bunch of options and they include Kremer, Zimmerman, Lowther, Wells, Kevin Smith etc.Way too early to plan on any of these guys or rule any of them out. It does seem that pitching will be the core of the rebuild along with Rutschman.

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15 hours ago, Philip said:

We have plenty of warm bodies, let’s see them all. Lopez Has shown everyone except Brandon that he is a four inning/~70 pitch guy at best, So there’s no reason not to pair him with someone like Akin, who can relieve after 3-4 and give ~4 innings of completely different pitching, and from the south side too.

Right now Akin is languishing in the bullpen but he’s still a projected starter. Why not put him on a starters schedule and give him the other half of Lopez’ starts? Or the first half perhaps?



I think he'll get a chance soon.   We are probably getting closer to pulling the plug on Harvey than Lopez.

And I wouldn't mind seeing Akin piggyback Lopez, or vice versa.

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13 hours ago, wildcard said:

Akin has to figure how to not throw so many pitches per inning. 

And Kremer has to find something better than 92-93. He's a guy who needs 95, and at one point sat there. I want to see him put on some weight.

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We had to have a sink or swim year with the pitching we have. Kremer, Zimmerman, Akin, and Lowther are all going to get their chances. This is what we are so far. The worst team in the MLB and we also have the worst AAA team as well. 

We will likely see Tyler Wells, Alex Wells, and Scroeler get some starts or at least expanded roles. Maybe we see Baumman and Bradish at some point, but we’re definitely in sink or swim mode.

So far every starting pitcher outside of Means is sinking. 

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You can't project a starting rotation of one established pitcher and four prospects.  That just doesn't happen.  It sounds good on paper but I doubt there has been a team recently that has been able to sustain 3 prospects for a significant portion of the year.  Its tough, free agent starters aren't always the most reliable but good ones know how to put up quality innings.  Tampa, who may be the best at integrating prospects into their rotation frequently depends on veterans for solid innings (Hill, Morton).


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