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Grayson Rodriguez Gets First AA Win

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    • Apparently Enfield has some local ties…maybe that’s a big help. Odom, the coach at UMBC when they beat UvA figures to be on the list too.
    • Oh man, there should definitely be a Summers Eve Douche Bowl.  That would be amazing!
    • This. I was always a MD Basketball fan first football fan second even though I like football more. Mostly because I grew up with Len Bias during the glory years of Lefty and then Gary Williams cam in and let them very relevent winning it all with an underdog squad. I could not be happier that Turgeon is gone as I've been off his bandwagon for a long time. He's an awful in game coach and his offense is stale, boring and basically resides around throwing up threes or letting his star be stars. Losing Wiggens and Morsell should have told Evans he needed to finally push him out the door, but now we have another lost year.  They need a splashy signing that will invigorate the recruiting and the program. I'll be honest, I tried watching a game or two but found myself disinterested and worse, I really cared less about the VT game where they just looked awful down the stretch. All I kept thinking to myself is more boring Turgeon ball. Either way, I wish there was some way to go back to the ACC but I doubt that will ever happen. MD football will always be irrelevant in the Big-10 because they will never be able to compete with Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State because they have huge packed stadiums every year and compete in major bowls while the Terps end up in Summers Eve Douche Bowl.  And yes, I had to look up a brand of douche! MD basketball should be good because of the local talent and facilities, but as was mentioned already, the college sports scene has changed with social media, one and done possibilities and the transfer pool. And that's doesn't even take into consideration the "likeness pay" is going to have. Both programs need big time coaches to ever have a chance but sadly, Evans is not concerned with making money rather than having success in the field/court.
    • I read them..but a lot of them don’t matter and/or don’t provide the advantage it used to.  
    • https://www.instagram.com/reel/CXEbFnjMyrn/?utm_medium=share_sheet
    • If he is in a class of his own a la Adley was, let’s hope under slot isn’t a concern. I’m extremely excited to watch amateur ball this spring. 
    • That's a pretty broad brush to paint an entire generation. I just laid out all the reasons that makes UMD such an attractive job.  Seems like you're the one not paying attention. Gary Williams had MD as a top 10 program for over a decade.  It can surely be done again.
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