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Are there pitchers at Delmarva worth following?

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Peek…part of the Bundy trade.  Velocity increased over the offseason. 

Initriguing arm but one who is too old for his league, so I would like to see him getting called up soon.

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Last Friday "Locked on Orioles" did a nice piece on the underrated Delmarva staff. They interviewed the Delmarva Director of Broadcasting joined and talked about the UFDA's, older guys for the league, etc with names mentioned above. Griff is the highest drafted player and is doing well, but others deserve recognition. 

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    • If Mayo was a first round pick he'd be easy on top 100 lists. Remember, these guy don't watch all these guys, they can't. They look at drafted status, bonus, and then stats. Take all these top 100 lists with a huge grain of salt.
    • Sparks finished the Aberdeen portion of his season at .240/.336/.404 in 119 PA, after slashing .256/.344/.388 at Delmarva in 183 PA.   Not spectacular, but enough to keep him in the organization next year I suspect.   Will be interesting to see if they keep him at Aberdeen or push him to Bowie.   
    • I question your 2nd paragraph.   If Georgia becomes owner with John as Orioles Executive he has already been officially name to running the team.   He has been involved with the team through he 2012-2016 period where they won more games than any team in the League.   That is a measure of success.  John has also managed MASN. As far as the MASN lawsuit with MLB.  This sounds like a good reason to settle the issue without the Angelos Suing MLB yet again for not allowing them to continue as owners.  
    • Well, you have to have the desire to keep it and there are issues with that.
    • Why are you and Frobby poo pooing Mountcastle's accomplishment? Did I miss where anyone claimed Mountcastle was better than Ripken or that his accomplishment was better than when Ripken made the record?  He broke it, congrats to him. How this turned into people poo pooing the young man's accomplishment is beyond me.
    • From David Laurila’s Sunday column: Ryan McKenna grew up in Maine and attended high school in New Hampshire, so playing at Fenway Park is an especially big thrill. Doubling off of Chris Sale in his first-ever start at the historic ballpark, which he did on August 14, was therefore a moment he won’t soon forget. I asked the Baltimore Orioles rookie outfielder about it on Friday. “He got me the first time, but I thought I saw him pretty well,” recalled McKenna, who chose humility over bravado when addressing the subject. “He’s got such a deceptive angle to his pitches, because he’s so far on the left side, so I was just trying to take it pitch-by-pitch and hoping to get one over the plate. I was trying to stay positive.” Fair enough. But just how cool was it to get an extra-base knock off a pitcher of Sale’s caliber, and do so at Fenway Park? “Very cool,” admitted the 24-year-old McKenna, who had a number of family and friends on hand that afternoon. “It’s a testament to a lot of hard work, and there’s a long road ahead, for sure. But yeah, it was pretty cool to get one off of him.” Where did it rank among the biggest moments of his young career? “Pretty high,” said McKenna. “My first home run and my first hit are No. 1 and No. 2. My first hit was actually against Boston, at Camden Yards, and my first homer was against Washington. The hit against Sale, here at Fenway, is probably No. 3.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/sunday-notes-twins-prospect-louie-varland-is-a-st-paul-sibling-on-the-rise/
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