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Are there pitchers at Delmarva worth following?

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Peek…part of the Bundy trade.  Velocity increased over the offseason. 

Initriguing arm but one who is too old for his league, so I would like to see him getting called up soon.

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Last Friday "Locked on Orioles" did a nice piece on the underrated Delmarva staff. They interviewed the Delmarva Director of Broadcasting joined and talked about the UFDA's, older guys for the league, etc with names mentioned above. Griff is the highest drafted player and is doing well, but others deserve recognition. 

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    • Very nice write-up, Tony.   I agree Rutschman may not hit for average as much as we like.   At the same time, the power I saw was tremendous.   I saw video of maybe 18 or 20 of his 23 homers, and there wasn’t a wall-scraper in the bunch.   Many were tremendous blasts.   Playing in OPACY, I think he’s a 35+ homer guy in his prime.    Even though the team probably won’t be very good in 2022, just watching Rutschman develop and the impact he has on the team will be reason enough to watch.     
    • Teams have largely stayed away from him.  They talked yesterday that Averett is the most targeted corner in the league and outside of the Colts game, he has played well. (Heading into the Colts game, he had the best passer rating against in the league) However, Humphrey has been beaten on some big plays for sure.  I can’t say that I’m concerned about him but for the money he is making, they need him to make more plays.  That’s really what it boils down to.     Guys are going to have bad games and get lit up.  It happens and to Marlon’s credit, he owns up to it.  But they need him to plays and sometimes, it’s just the simple one.  He loves to go for the punch to knock out the ball but he hasn’t done it once this year but yet he keeps going for it. Teams have scouted him and are protecting the ball better. He sometimes goes for that instead of making the tackle.  That needs to stop.
    • Toney, are you doing this by yourself or did you find somebody to do it with you? It’s a real hard task to do alone, not least because there’s nobody to argue with while preparing the list. Im interested in how Kjesteds illness affects his placement, but even I have confidence in the first 5-6 guys.
    • Yea the offense was actually a lot worse than the defense imo. A real big problem for the Ravens this year has been how bad they are on 3rd down. I would like to know their first and second down stats.  They have dominated second down offensively since Lamar became the full time starter.  It seems like they have a lot longer 3rd downs than in years past and that’s hurting them.
    • Averett held up pretty well Imo, especially the first 2-3 quarters. Bynes is really just a run defender and Cinci didn’t run the ball well until the last 2 TD runs.     Houston was pressuring Burrow a lot and I didn’t really see them completing much on Young.  Tyler Boyd is their slot guy and he did next to nothing yesterday. Essentially the Ravens got beat, defensively, by Chase and Uzomah and as good as Burrow was, he got a lot of yardage simply because of poor tackling by the Ravens, which is a theme for the season.
    • I think 1991 and 2016 are the 2 that stand out the most to me. That 2016 series was insane with all of the late inning swings.
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