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2021 Comp Round B pick (65): Reed Trimble - (Sophomore) Southern Mississippi

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Fangraphs had him as their #44 draft prospect




Full Report

Trimble hit .345/.414/.638 this year, and the Southern Miss schedule was no cakewalk even though they’re a mid-major. It included 12 games against eventual regional host and top-16 team Louisiana Tech, as well as games against Mississippi State, Alabama, Florida State and Ole Miss, and four against South Alabama, who made a deep regional run. Trimble does have an expansive approach and is apt to chase, but he is ultra toolsy for a smaller-framed prospect. A switch-hitter, he is an explosive rotator from both sides of the plate. He has pull-side power as a righty hitter but will take you deep to any field from the left side. Both of his swings have natural loft, but they’re not all that long because Trimble is so compact. He’s also a plus runner with gap-to-gap range in center field and an above-average arm (he can get a little carried away trying to throw guys out), so there’s room for him to profile even if the approach hurts his offensive production. Also remember Trimble missed most of his true freshman season because of the pandemic. I’m less apt to think/hope that hitters can develop ball/strike recognition over time, but some of the players whose key career years overlap with the pandemic have had so few reps that perhaps there are some exceptions to this floating around. Plus, these kinds of players’ plate discipline rate stats are less reliable than usual because they’ve generated smaller career samples due to the lost year. On tools and performance, Trimble belongs in the early Day Two mix.



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Helium guy, came on late in the college season. Perhaps a super-utility type, per MLB Network.

Not the overslot although he is only a true sophomore so he may have a little leverage.

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A 2021 breakout, Reed Trimble showed more than expected power when he hit 17 home runs this year. He’s always been a plus to plus plus runner with an average hit tool and some defensive versatility. Once you add in some power to that mix, you get a player that is hard not to like especially when you consider he hasn’t been able to play much in college as a two year guy that essentially lost one year to COVID.


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Posters would defend Elias if he picked a muppet. Just a head scratching draft. If your not getting premium talent internationally (some improvement but not not getting top guys) and you take safe players in the draft and super utility types, how exactly are you closing the gap with the BlueJays, Yankees, Red Sox, Tampa…

Haven't won since 1983, it might be 2083 for the next one.

Just heartbreaking ineptitude. 

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