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Jean Pinto - RHP 2021

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1 hour ago, Mooreisbetter27 said:

Pinto was named Low-A East League Pitcher of the Month for August


26.2 IP

1.35 ERA

29 K's

6 BB

.146 OPP BA

I haven’t had time to update my thread on Orioles’ player/pitcher of the month.   I guess I can probably skip the pitcher part.  

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6 minutes ago, Mooreisbetter27 said:

Pinto is at 81 pitches. Curious to see if he ll come out for the 7th. His stats:


6 ip

4 hits

2 runs (1 earned)

1 bb

11 ks!

Edit: He is out after 6

A little video for JP


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I’m not the pitching guru that some of you are, but when I look at Pinto’s release I see what looks like a lot of stress on his shoulder. Have there been major league pitchers with similar deliveries, and if so what were their injury histories? 

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2 hours ago, ChosenOne21 said:

He really falls off the mound when he throws. If he keeps pitching like that, I don't care though

Some guys do that and last for a long time.  Bob Gibson immediately comes to mind, so does Goose Gossage.

Ideally you want to finish square up to home plate and in a good position to field a comebacker.  Mussina did that well, so did Greg Maddux.  Not only are you in a good position to field but it means that all your momentum/effort/energy has gone directly towards home plate in your delivery, which is ideal.  In other words, nothing is wasted...it's maximum efficiency.  

I used to fall off to the left side when I pitched, not to the degree that Pinto was doing there, but not far from it, either.  The thing is, you feel like you're striding directly towards home plate but you're really not.  For a RHP, that left foot that comes down, it should be in a straight line towards home plate.  If it is, you'll finish square up to the plate.  If it's a few inches to the right handed batters box, you overcompensate when you bring your arm over and that creates the fall off to the left side.  

I always felt like I was striding towards home plate, but my foot would land 3 or 4 inches to the right and I'd fall off.  It felt straight and to the naked eye it looked straight.  I had to really work in order to make my stride land 3 or 4 inches to the left in order to be really straight.  

I'm not sure if this is something they'll try to clean up or not as he advances.  The results so far look legit, so maybe it's something they'll leave alone if his control and command doesn't suffer.  It does speak to a bit of a larger problem, which is repeatable mechanics.  Some of those fall offs to the left look pretty severe, others not so much.  IMO, his foot isn't landing in the same spot consistently.

But it is a dangerous thing if someone whistles one back through the box a guy like that really can't get out of the way (let alone field) if he's falling to the left side.  All that momentum falling to that side makes it damn near impossible for him to get out of the way.

This all said, it was a blast to strike out someone for the third out and do that little hop off the mound to the first base dugout. :) 

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7 minutes ago, joelala said:

Agree his mechanics look less than ideal, but I’ll certainly take the results! 

It’s a long ways out, but to me, with these mechanics, he looks more like a reliever. 

He looks to have multiple pitches and pretty good command of those 3 pitches.  Not sure what you are seeing.  If you put a slo mo on any pitcher it will look like they are putting a lot of stress on their elbow and/or shoulder.  

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He's a big boy and has a thick lower half.  He drops and drives and looks like he has a tough time getting over top his lower half and falls off the the left side.  Looks like a compact and efficient motion nonetheless, just might be a body type thing.  One thing I'd be nervous about is telegraphing his pitches.  Looks like he might have a tendency to tip pitches to advanced hitters.  

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