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(Edit: Orioles get 1st pick after walkoff homer by Diamondbacks)

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37 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Yea, it'd be a real shame if Trey got to join a playoff team.  I'd feel bad for him.

I feel bad for him now.   I was rooting for him to have a team this year if we aren't going to be trying in 2022 (looking that way).   There are still more dignified off ramps at the tender deadline, and then maybe the trade market if 30 DH's.    July gave us a snapshot of his value in 15 DH world.

Between now and 2022 tenders, I imagine I'll have moments of feeling the non-tender is the kindness to do from here.   It probably wouldn't impact his 2022 earnings much either way ala Schwarber '21, and the kindness would be valuing his opportunity above whatever (probably not that spectacular) prospect return he could net.

A Trey waive today could be a strong Asdrubal waive reply, come to think of it.

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15 minutes ago, Getz said:

We might still catch Arizona, they have a thougher schedule than we do. We still have to play KC and the Rangers 4 times each at home, even though we have a better road record.

We're three games ahead of the Diamondbacks as it stands right now.  They've been caught.  

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WIth the 43rd win, that ensures that they dont finish with 120 losses which is always a milestone you want to avoid. I'll consider it a small achievement if they can somehow avoid 115 losses. Looks like that will take 48 wins to happen.

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16 minutes ago, Greenpastures23 said:

This team might be better than the 2018 team. Who would have thought that


They weren't really looking 2018 bad until the 19 game losing streak happened. Coming into the year I thought the top 3 in the rotation might be close to average, which would keep them in alot of games. That obviously never came close to happening. With Akin, Ellis and now Lowther giving us solid starts its not out of the realm of possibility they get to 50 wins. 

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    • I was a little disappointed that Junior Lara, who got a late start in the DSL but did well there, wasn’t invited to Instructs.   I still expect he’ll play in the FCL next year.   
    • How far is Bellinger from free agency?  It would be nice to get him to sign to an extension, but I don't see a reason for him to do so.  If he even partially rebounds, he would want a $100 mill deal. 
    • My wife and I decided to watch this HBO miniseries after it won several Emmys, including Kate Winslet for best actress in a limited series (7 episodes each about an hour).   It’s fantastic.   It’s about a police detective (the title character Mare) in a small, run down Pennsylvania town, where everyone knows everyone and half the people are related.  Mare has a lot of baggage of her own, slowly revealed as she tries to solve a murder that happens in the town.  Winslet is fantastic in the role, and the whole cast is great.  There are plot twists right to the end.  Highly recommend it.   
    • Hey Sportsfan; Thank you for the compliments.  So there are 3 DSL guys in Florida now. 17 year old Samuel Basallo received $1.3 million.  The biggest bonus of the Elias Era.  He was expected to sign with the Yankees.  He was very good batting .239/.338/.410 for a .748 OPS.  5 homers, 8 doubles.  Now in Instructional League.  Led Orioles 1 in homers and RBIs 17 year oldShortstop Maikol Hernandez received $1.2 million.  He hit .231/.340/.308 for a .647 OPS.  No homers, only 4 for 7 in steals. He is in the Instructional League so they still believe in him. 17 year old 3rd baseman Anderson De Los Santos received $350,00. He hit a robust..324/.409/.495 for a .905 OPS.  He also filled in at short, but made to many errors.  A little error prone at 3rd, but he's a converted shortstop.  Only 18 strikeouts in 127 at bats, 15 walks.  6 doubles, 2 triples, 3 homers, 3 for 4 steals.  Tremendous 1st year, now in the Instructructional League.   17 year old speedy centerfielder Junior Lara received $160,00.  Batted .344/.434/.500 in only 77 at bats.  So he missed half the season with an injury. 17 year old Rightfielder Wilmer Feliciano received $400,000.  He struggled with strikeouts and groudouts.  Hit .202/.312/.353 for a .665 OPS. Hit 4 doubles, 1 triple, 4 homers.  Also 3 for 3 in steals.  119 at bats, 45 strikeouts, 70% groundouts to 30% flyouts.  Terrible ratios for a big-time power hitter.  I would think his swing can be corrected. I was disappointed in Orioles 1.  13 and 39 overall.  With all those bonus babies, still a young team. Orioles 2 was a competitive team with modest bonus players.  25 wins 30 losses. Their most intriguing player was 18 year old Shortstop Frederick Benscome. He was a late Class of 2019 signee.  6 feet 160lbs left handed power from a shortstop. 142 at bats, 6 doubles,4 triples, 2 homers, 11 walks, only 18 strikeouts.  10 steals in 13 attempts. 60% flyouts to 40 % ground outs.  I would have thought he should be in Instructional League teaching others how to make contact and put the ball in the air !!!!    
    • I'm not a big supporter of former major league stars as managers.  The history of baseball is full of players who were great as players and failures as managers.  Let Adam prove himself in the minors somewhere before getting a manager job with the O's.  I hate to look back on past manager searches, where the guy's main qualification seems to be that he played for the O's. 
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