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How many wins rest of season?

How many wins last 46 games?  

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  1. 1. How many wins last 46 games?

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When the season began I had hoped that there would be some fun reinforcements towards the end of the season. I thought Kremer would be putting it together and Bauman or another young SP would come up and excite. I was hoping for an infield prospect to impress and be called up and keep it going (Bannon, Jones, Vavra…).

None of those guys are really knocking down the door and I’m not sure ME would call them up anyway. 10 wins for the rest of the year. Hopefully one of those guys proves me wrong.

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3 hours ago, BirdinBama said:

8. Might as well have the worst record in the history of the franchise, because this team is the worst Oriole team that I've ever seen.

Will it be bad enough to outstink Arizona for the top pick in the draft? I hope so.

I hope so too.  Will the O's pick the BPA if they get the #1 pick?  That's a good question too.

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Just now, Can_of_corn said:

Bold take Cotton.

I'll disagree but HS pitchers are pretty rarely consensus #1 picks so we likely won't know.

Yep, probably not.  Can't remember the last HS pitcher being a consensus #1.  

Well whoever we pick next year, you can bet there'll be a lot of whining on here.

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2 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

Yep, probably not.  Can't remember the last HS pitcher being a consensus #1.  

Well whoever we pick next year, you can bet there'll be a lot of whining on here.

Aiken maybe?

If not Aiken I think you'd have to go all the way back to 1991 and Brien Taylor.

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14 minutes ago, BirdinBama said:

If there's a clear top pick, like Adley, Elias will take him. I don't really understand the Elias-bashing on the draft, but we're all entitled to our opinion.

Because we don't think going underslot is a good strategy.

On average the guy going #2 in the draft has a significantly better career than the guy going fifth.  Most second-third round selections, the type of guy you are going to get with your savings, aren't going to have much of a career at all.

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I'll go with 9-37 but even that might be a stretch . Alot depends on Zimmerman coming back and pitching healthy and Harvey finishing strong. They could finish 15- 31 if that happens. Thats probably the ceiling.

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    • Why are you picking June 1?   Under current rules, they could call him up any time after April 14 and he wouldn’t be a free agent until after the 2028 season.  If you are suggesting they’ll defer him to try to avoid him becoming a Super 2 after the 2024 season, (1) I disagree they’ll do that and (2) the cutoff date for Super 2 changes every year, isn’t known in advance,and could be 2-3 weeks before June 1 or 1-2 weeks later.  In 2017, Josh Hader debuted on June 10 and he still qualified as a Super 2 after the 2019 season.  
    • Yeah, so I’ve held off telling the story about my interaction w/ Jones, but he’s no longer an Oriole, so.... I posted years ago about a hitting clinic he held at SDSU w/ Harold Reynolds. It was a fun time for me and my daughters taking a road trip from Los Angeles.  After the clinic was over we, of course, went to see about getting something signed or a picture. We waited patiently as he signed for a number of people and then I approached him to get a picture of him and my girls. He started to lineup to do so and then balked at the idea, saying it would take too much time, at which the expressions of my kids faces visibly dropped. Disappointing to say the least, but I explained it away with some such fatherly bs.  I never mentioned it in the thread about our trip because I knew there would likely be disbelief or outright anger for me calling out an Oriole player, especially Jones. After all these years, it wasn't a huge deal, but yes, I lost respect for him. As far as I know, Palmer has always been great with not only fans, but going out of his way to be available for them. There’s also no one else I’d rather listen to call a game than Jim Palmer. His stories are part of that.
    • Well Machado should’ve been dealt the offseason before but somehow we were still going for it with a team that actually won 47 games. The only thing bad I could say about what DD did in the Machado trade, is that he should’ve gotten more A ball players versus trying to get players that were closer to being ready. However, The Dodgers had just spent $50+ million on Diaz, Pop was 20, and Kremer was leading all of milb in SO. 
    • Unless the CBA changes there is zero incentive to call up AR before June 1. It’s not like another 60 days of “bad” PR is going to hurt this franchise any more. 
    • Oh, absolutely.   The O’s were leading the division by six games when this news broke.   It stung pretty badly to lose Manny in that situation.   As it turns out, the team played well without him for the rest of the regular season.   But we’ll always wonder if he could have made a difference in that KC series, if he’d managed to rehab and return to the field.     Some posters faulted him for not acceding to the team’s wishes.   Not me though.  
    • Win 3 Cy Youngs, 3 World Series and a WS game in 3 decades and you can be as arrogant as you want.   Palmer rules.
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