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So it should therefore come as no surprise that nobody is taking a more personal interest in this development than Pete Rose, who continues to serve his lifetime ban from baseball for betting on the game while he was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds back in 1989. Speaking by phone from Las Vegas the other day, Rose sounded consternated when informed of this turn of events involving baseball and gambling.

“I guess what it comes down to is baseball is now in bed with the same people who got me kicked out of the game,” Rose said. “They can say what they want but this is all about money. You’re telling me the managers have to submit their lineups to the league office so the casino can set the lines on the games? What happens if right before game time your starting pitcher has a cramp and has to be scratched? Is the manager gonna get blamed for that … for screwing up the line?”

Regardless of how MLB chooses to spin this — as a practical move on their part, brought about by a Supreme Court decision that was out of their control — Rose would be justified in saying they are hypocrites for cashing in on gambling while still keeping him out of the game and ineligible for the Hall of Fame because he bet on baseball. Now everyone can be betting on baseball and you can forget about those “No Betting” signs that used to adorn every ballpark

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Baseball is hypocritical getting in bed with all the gamblers and the gambling websites.  I personally hate it and mute the tV when the "lines" come on.  

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I find the betting commercials during the MASN broadcasts really annoying.  The woman who does them looks like some kind of crazed lunatic.  

I don’t really see the equivalence between the league profiting from the fact that betting on baseball is legal, and allowing league/team personnel to bet on baseball.    I’m not necessarily a fan of the former, but the latter is far more dangerous to the integrity of the sport.   Pete knew the rules and he broke them, then lied about it repeatedly.   I have no sympathy for him on a personal level.   

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I still think Rose should be in the HoF, but whatever.  

Frobby's right, there's a difference between MLB partnering with gambling sites and it's players gambling on the games that they're playing in.  Both fall under the umbrella of "gambling" but they're certainly not the same thing.  

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