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Did Davis fleece the Os again??

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5 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

Eric Davis was so much fun.  

IMO, he could have been an all-time great had he been able to stay healthy.  People constantly wonder what Bo Jackson could have done if he didn't break his hip and Bo was certainly an amazing talent.  Obviously he was a higher profile because of two sports...but I think Eric Davis was a bigger, better what if?

This is a must-read:


He was so f'ing good while he was here, even though it was brief.  And that was when he was older, after cancer and a year out of MLB.  

Does the goodness of Eric Davis wash away the badness of Glenn and Chris?  It's close.  

A healthy Eric Davis is a no doubt first ballot HOF player. One of my favorite players to watch growing up and still pretty good as an Oriole past his physical peak. 

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25 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

From Frasier:

"Abe Lincoln had a brighter future when he picked up his tickets at the box office!"


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12 hours ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

A healthy Eric Davis is a no doubt first ballot HOF player. One of my favorite players to watch growing up and still pretty good as an Oriole past his physical peak. 

Not trying to poo-poo Trey Mancini, but coming back to play while still undergoing chemotherapy and then hitting a walk-off in the playoffs was just the stuff of legends.

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    • Should have signed Ed-Rod? Yes. Matz? I think so, but I get why others wouldn’t and don’t blame them. 
    • There seemed to be a trend away from giving large contract to players over 30 in the past 5 years.   But not this year.
    • I wish I knew more about how much each side is willing to dig in. My assumption is that the owners aren't going to go for a payroll floor, and that the players aren't going to fight to the death for it. I think the players hold firm on the service clock issue, and that it will be changed. I guess the issue players care most about is being paid earlier in their careers, and I think that's not without merit. My hope is that instead of sweeping changes that the owners will resist, they tweak something a little more familiar to the existing system, like making players arbitration eligible quicker. These CBA negotiations are important inflection points that help keep MLB on the right path by giving equal power to the players and owners. They become toxic when the leaders of one or both sides go on a power grab. As much as it looks like both sides are digging in, I'm not seeing either side going on one of those power grabs here, which is encouraging. That doesn't mean this won't take some time. And it might well affect the 2022 Orioles roster. It appears our shopping list is a SS/3B on a short term deal, a veteran SP, and a backup catcher. While a shortened offseason is unlikely to meaningfully harm those pursuits since we're essentially dumpster diving (not pursuing free agents on long term deals), it could help us land a player on a short deal who is a victim to a last second musical chairs scramble. And I'm guessing the upcoming deadline will result in a few deals being made and a flurry of signings. It could be argued that if the O's are going to move Mullins or Means, it becomes much less likely after Tuesday. I'm speculating like mad here. Logic would suggest that the will to compromise will be great given the financial disaster of the 2020 season and the optics of a lockout during a pandemic. 
    • Did you read my thread on payroll ups and downs?  Overall, payrolls are down about $15 mm in the last five years.   That’s what they have to complain about.  
    • He had multiple arm injuries and was held to under 80 IP.  Maybe the combo of the injuries and a small sample size led to this. Interesting name to consider but you figure he signs a pillow contract with a better team and in a better park than OPACY.
    • It’s definitely a ton of money, just saying it’s not the same as it used to be.     These salaries are all relative.  The TV signed within the last few years is the richest ever for the sport.  The money is just pouring in and Toronto has a lot of cheap talent that allows them to spend like this. I wouldn’t have given KG this contract but I understand why they did.  
    • Maybe. But he’s gonna shove it up our ass for the next 5 years, bank on that. 
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