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2 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Won't be easy to build that back up.

Well, I think part of it is that I believe you weren't required to buy season tickets this year (once they finally went on sale after the early season restrictions) to keep your seats and priority moving forward.   So some people probably just saved the money this year knowing they can go back to normal next year.    Just on that basis, I think next year's season ticket base won't be quite as low as this year's.   How much higher will it be?   Maybe not much, but at least a little as some of the folks that took this "free year off" due to Covid will return.

But yeah, the thing that people don't get is that a big chunk of attendance is based on season ticket sales.   It is the foundation that attendance is built on.   And season ticket sales will always lag behind success, or failure, by at least a year.   So if, let's say, we have a 1989 type season next year -- attendance would rise as walkup and in-season purchases would go up but it wouldn't rise that much because next year's season ticket foundation will still be low coming off this awful year.   If next year is 1989, then the NEXT year the season ticket base would expand, and 2023 would have more fans than 2022 even if 2023 turned out to be 1990ish (a drop back below .500 after the thrilling 1989).

People think that there is an instant correlation between results and attendance but the season ticket base being the biggest factor in attendance makes it have a built in year lag.   And building back a "big" season ticket base will take multiple years, which I believe you pointed out.

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