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Rat in Stands

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Three things:

1.) If everyone took their finger and ran it around the nacho carrier to get every bit of that cheese sauce we wouldn’t have a rat problem!

2.) The rat got free admission after getting it’s COVID shot.  

3.) The video of the Ch 2 report reminds me how long it’s been since fans said  “I miss Memorial Stadium.  Camden Yards is filled with the wine and cheese crowd”.  (Well at least the rat has a cheese connection)

(Three strikes I’m out!)

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On 9/11/2021 at 9:54 AM, Frobby said:

Well, now I know how to catch a rat.  Not that I have any intention of trying it.   I’ll just tell someone else, “just grab it by the tail and dangle it!”    Easy to do, when someone else is doing it.  

They showed us in Croc Dundee 3, just throw a school eraser at them and it will stun then. :) :) :)

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