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Thursday, Sept 16: last game vs the Yankees, in the twilight

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Just now, OriolesMagic83 said:

Congrats to Mountcastle on Orioles' HR record.  What is the RBI record?  It seems like he might have a shot at that.

Mullins doesn't have a HR or a SB in this game! He's a SLACKER!


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    • Total no-brainer. Hopefully this comes as actual housing owned by the teams in the minor league cities as opposed to a housing stipend provided to the players. Real estate is a fine investment for the team's investment portfolio and it is so difficult for the players to get anywhere near market rate trying to rent furnished apartments for less than 6 month terms (not to mention that they can be promoted, demoted or released at any time) that a housing stipend would be wildly inefficient. Teams know how many players will be at each level. Buy the real estate (or rent it for a full season's term) and allow the players to live there. When players change levels there will always be the correct amount of housing available. Don't make the players have to worry about it at all.
    • Stanley officially done for the year:    
    • In the case of the O's, broadcasters lose their jobs too.
    • This is something that should have been done a long time ago. Glad to see MLB stepping up to provide a better quality of life for their minor league farmhands.
    • So how hard is it to improve by at least 18 games, which is what it would take to get us to the 70 win level? The conventional wisdom is that such one season improvements are pretty rare, but I wondered how rare.   Here are all the 18+ game improvements in this century.   We can't do this for the last two years of course because 2020 records don't indicate much: 2001  Hou+21, Sea+25 2002 2003  KC+21, ChC+21 2004  Det+29, Tex+18, SL+20, SD+23 2005  Ariz+26 2006  Det+24 2007  Cle+18, ChC+18 2008  TB+31 2009  Sea+24, Colo+18 2010 2011  Milw+19, Ariz+29 2012  Balt+24, Oak+20, Wash+18, Cinc+18 2013  Bos+28, Cle+24 2014  Hou+19, LAA+20 2015  Tex+19, ChC+24 2016 2017  Minn+26, Ariz+24 2018  Oak+22, Atl+18 2019  Minn+23 So nearly every year, there is at least one team that improves by 18 or more.  Over a 19 year period there were 32 such improvements, and in more than half the years (12/19) there were at least two. So chances are pretty good that at least one major league team, and very possibly two, will make at least an 18 game improvement next year.   And of course it is more likely that those team(s) will come from the lower half of the league this year, given that it's much harder to improve that much on a team that's already good. Worth noting that only one team in the 21st century, the 2008 Rays, improved by 31 or more games which is what it would take to get us a winning record next year.
    • You seem to be implying that Manny was advised to have surgery on the second knee prospectively, and elected not to do it.   But I don’t recall that being reported.  
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