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What the Astros did the offseason between their 3rd and 4th years of their rebuild?

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That was a lot of work, so thanks.   To state the obvious, the Astros were a 70-win team in 2014.    This team probably ends up in the 50-54 win range.  As I see it, we’re a year behind the Astros timetable, though there’s the similarity that a cornerstone piece (Rutschman for us, Correa for them) is arriving.    

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Based on the record this year I agree with Frobby the O's are one year behind the timeline of the Astros. I could see the Orioles being above .500 in 2023 and maybe even contending for the wildcard, but it's going to require the top prospects to hit. Also some free agents and trades to bring in talent to fill holes on the team will be required.

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wildcard was amazing to gather the money amounts for context, which B-Ref lacks, but regular gratitude to Sean Forman.


They also Rule V'ed Jason Garcia to send him to us!

And signed Framber/Urquidy/C. Javier in March far away from July 2.   Framber not even 16 at the time.   Kevin Goldstein in one of his chats expressed his pride that one of the things the Astros did was dig into pitch data on Latin pitchers and here's their payoff.

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Here's how the 2017 Astros World Series roster was built. I think this shows how much roster change we can expect going forward.

Wildcard points out what Houston did during the 2014 offseason leading to the 2015 season and, by my count, of the players who ultimately were on the 2017 postseason roster, Houston had 11 players in the organization before those 2014 offseason changes, acquired 3 during this time frame and 11 after. Only 6 of 25 were originally drafted by Houston. 

Of the 12 players Wildcard outlined as added for the 2015 season, 8 (Tucker, Rasmus, Hernandez, Neshek, Valbuena, Kazmir and Gomez) were gone or not on the postseason roster (Fiers) in 2017. 

Draft (6) (1 of 6 after this time frame)
2015 draft year Alex Bregman 1-2
2012 draft year Carlos Correa 1-1
2014 draft year Derek Fisher CBA
2009 draft year Dallas Keuchel 7th round
2012 draft year Lance McCullers Supplemental 1st round
2011 draft year George Springer 1-11

Trades (9) (1 acquired during this time frame and 4 after)
August 2012 Chris Devenski
January 2015  Evan Gattis
December 2015 Ken Giles
December 2011 Marwin Gonzalez
July 2017 Francisco Liriano
November 2016 Brian McCann
July 2012 Joe Musgrove
February 2013 Brad Peacock
August 2017 Justin Verlander

Free Agent signings (5) (1 during this time frame and 4 after)
December 2016 Juan Centeno
December 2016 (1/$16M) Carlos Beltran
December 2014 (3/$18.5M) Luke Gregerson
November 2016 (2/$14M) Charlie Morton
November 2016 (4/$52M) Josh Reddick 

International Free Agency (2) (1 of 2 after)
March 2007 Jose Altuve
July 2016 Yuli Gurriel 

Waivers (3) (1 during and 1 after this time frame)
November 2014 Will Harris
August 2017 Cameron Maybin
December 2013 Collin McHugh

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The Astros had an advantage that we will never be able to match, which is they played in a weaker division with teams that spent similar amounts of money then they have.  We are in a division with teams with deep pockets or the best run franchise in baseball. 4 of the top 6 teams in the American League are in the AL East..  We will have to do it twice as good as they did to get similar results that is just the facts of playing in the AL East currently.  

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I would love the Orioles to sign Andrelton Simmons this offseason. I bet he'd come here for 2/14. A Cesar Izturis-type player at this point in his career, but that's valuable. Mateo, Urias, and Jones can fight it out for 2B/3B/UT, with Vavra and Bannon hopefully joining later.

There is not one ML-ready starting pitcher in the Orioles organization besides John Means. That is a dire situation that requires investment. You can let Akin/Kremer/Lowther/Baumann/Wells/Zim/etc battle it out for 2 rotation spots and a long man. But 2 ML starters must be acquired or this team will be an embarrassment again next year.

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14 hours ago, interloper said:

Those  FA signings in particular look like the type we might make this offseason. 

Literally. We might literally try to sign those pitchers. They’ll still be an upgrade though. 

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