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Sat Sept 18: Orioles at Red Sox

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2 minutes ago, scOtt said:

I don't know... maybe... THROW STRIKES?

Very true, but sometimes throwing them and getting them called as such are 2 different things - especially with 350 lb middle aged umps.  :)

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18 minutes ago, Il BuonO said:

But that’s predictable and it still doesn’t address my point of being able to use McKenna’s best strength late in a game.

Depending on how big the lead is in the 8th or 9th(hypothetically) and where they are in the batting order at the time, McKenna could be put in the OF and the DH given up.  Particularly if you're using relief pitchers for one inning only.

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Just now, Il BuonO said:

If I cared I’d delete the post about Baumann starting in Lowther’s place. 


I was looking for that. They're pretty interchangeable... :noidea: Either/Or.

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1 minute ago, SteveA said:

Cedric's at bat here, a shot at 30/30, last thing making this game with watching

Yes, it'd be cool to get both 30's in the same game.

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