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Jay Jaffe on how the Orioles have impacted the AL East playoff race

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    • I think we can pretty safely rule out Baumann and Kjerstad here Honestly, I could see the case for Hall, Henderson or Westburg. Tony has had Henderson ahead of Westburg pretty much all year, so I'm going to eliminate Westburg. Game then becomes which hurts the guy more in Tony's eyes? Hall being injured for most of the year or Westburg's poor defense. If I could have only one of these guys in the system, I'd pick Hall because the upside is tantalizing and we really need starting pitching. I'm going to guess Tony feels the same, but I still have a strong hunch it's Henderson. Going with "Disabled List" Hall here.
    • Good write up. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing him pitch in the big leagues in 2022. Back in the day the Orioles always broke their young starters in as long relief specialists, and I’m wondering if that might be the best role for G-Rod when he’s eventually promoted to the majors. Give him 50-60 pitches in a blowout once or twice a week. They would be low pressure innings where he could find his footing without having to worry about wins and losses. If I remember correctly that’s how Flanagan, McGregor, Boddicker, Ben McDonald, and maybe even Wayne Garland saw their first big league action. I’d certainly rather watch a kid like Rodriguez in that spot this coming season than a 29 or 30 year old journeyman who’s on his fifth team in six years. 
    • AFL GAME SUMMARY (10/27)
    • Who is the Orioles 2021 #5 prospect?
    • https://www.orioleshangout.com/2021/10/27/colton-cowser/
    • Roch seems on board: “If the Orioles can implement their prospect plan at third base, Coby Mayo will be handling the hot corner and hitting long home runs for many years. “They can figure out how to occupy the middle infield with the batch of shortstops who crash their top 30 prospects lists, including Gunnar Henderson and Jordan Westburg among the first 10. Henderson could be the shortstop and Westburg the second baseman. They could reverse roles. “One of them could move over to third, but good luck trying to budge Mayo. “You can delay the fourth-rounder, but you can’t hold Mayo for long.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/10/who-starts-at-third-base-while-orioles-wait-for-mayo.html  
    • I wonder what the consensus on Baker will be if the Astros win. 
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