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TB @ BOS Game 4 really 10-11...

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BOS leads 2-1. Probably a Pen game for both sides. TB for sure. EdRod will be lucky to go 4.


TB Lineup

    Randy Arozarena (R) RF
    Wander Franco (S) SS
    Brandon Lowe (L) 2B
    Nelson Cruz (R) DH
    Jordan Luplow (R) 1B
    Yandy Diaz (R) 3B
    Austin Meadows (L) LF
    Mike Zunino (R) C
    Kevin Kiermaier (L) CF

Collin McHugh 6-1 1.55 ERA 0.94 WHIP

Boston Lineup

    Kyle Schwarber (L) 1B
    Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    Rafael Devers (L) 3B
    Xander Bogaerts (R) SS
    Alex Verdugo (L) LF
    J.D. Martinez (R) DH
    Hunter Renfroe (R) RF
    Christian Vazquez (R) C
    Christian Arroyo (R) 2B

Eduardo Rodriguez 13-8 4.74 ERA  1.39 WHIP


Only Series I really care about. Boston must go down!

I'll watch the rest because it's Post-Season baseball.

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Rays pitchers by xwOBA percentile this year.

McHugh 98, Glasnow 94, Kittredge 91, Rasmussen 70, Chargois 69, Feyereisen 61, Patino 41, Yarbrough 32, McClanahan 30 (a little stunned to see this this low here), Fleming 25, Wacha 9

They might need Baz on 2 days rest if they can make it to the 10th.

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    • Even worse living with the knowledge that Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr. could have been the Orioles owner all this time, but thanks to Peter Angelos outbidding him it never happened. 
    • Nothing happens til it happens, but can we glean anything meaningful from what the insiders say?   ”Listening to offers” means nothing. Does anyone NOT listen to offers? However, that’s probably indicates less interest than a term like… ”Dangling.” What does that mean? Is GM A calling up GM B and saying,” hey, I got this hot guy, and he can be yours! All I need is XX.” Is GM A being coy and hitting that MAAAAAAYBE he’ll listen…? Regardless, it probably indicates more desire to trade, but maybe not as much as… “Eager to deal” or “seeking the best matchup” which is where GM A is calling up everyone in the Rolodex and saying,” Have I got a deal for you! AND if you ACT NOW…no? Well, how about……etc etc” All  those terms indicate at least partially dealing from a position of “I don’t have to” “I’m in no hurry” “if you don’t, someone else will,” and so on. But pity the guys who… ”Are willing to eat most of the contract…” the fools who rush in, and then find it veeeeery expensive to rush back out.. poor San Diego would be less poor if they hadn’t flung all that cash at Mr Hosmer, but they did, and he has been smiling ever since…and they..” are willing to eat most of his contract” Anyway, where does that leave the Orioles? We’re listening. Sure we are. Everyone listens except your cat in the backyard who doesn’t want to come in yet. We are “dangling”…. That means we’re listening a bit more earnestly, but still it’s our call. Nothing will happen unless it’s very good for the Bmore boys. So let’s see what kind of horse trader Mike is, and what can he bring home in return for the shiny bauble he is dangling…
    • I think we are going to have to get some favorable results from our own young pitchers to improve significantly in 2022. Last year was a bottom 20% outcome in that regard compared to the range of possible outcomes from that group.    If things break the other way in 2022 we could see a lot more wins.   But you can’t just expect that to happen given their performance to date.   
    • I’m happy they’re open to listening to offers.   Obviously, you don’t trade him unless there’s a lot coming back.  
    • #1 or #2 in the 2 major lists.
    • Cedric was one of the few reasons to watch the Orioles last year, but at the same time if you can flip Cedric for two good players and another one or two players that can contribute, then it's something Elias has to consider. Even with their minor league system ranking high now the Orioles still need all the talent they can get. And anyone on the active roster should be available at the right price. 
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