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Prayers for David Hess

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So, so sorry to hear of this. Seeing this after reading the discussion of the new Athletic article (and reading that) in that the thread about Mancini's mid-season 2021 scare. Wishing him every good outcome possible for this development. Love to him and his loved ones as he works and fights through this. 

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One of my daughters lives in the small Tenn. town of Tullahoma,  where Hess comes from.   Only town named that in the country.   People there are rallying around the circled  wagons in preparation for battle against Cancer.  Asking for prayers and more prayers to beat this evil invader.  God bless you and yours, David,  people you do not know are praying for your health every day.  

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    • For me its pitch development and the fact the O's need starters.    Whoever shows up to camp healthy and has command of of three pitches has a chance to be in the rotation.   That includes Tyler, Baumann, Akin, Ellis, Zimmermann, Bradish and Alex Wells compete for the 4th and 5th starter.    Means has a spot.  Grayson will be the best starter in camp but they may give him a month at AAA before bringing him up.  I think they will add a FA starter.  Whoever doesn't make it will compete for the pen or go to AAA to be the next man up.
    • Madness to take him out of a role he excels in. 
    • Ortiz could be the SS of the future if that start last year was real. I don't know enough about his profile to actually predict that, and Tony had him way lower than I'd expect in the rankings, but he was putting on a show for a while there. If Ortiz is THAT good, now you're figuring out who to trade or who to move to CoF. Again, then you're figuring out who to trade because of the OF prospects. Bottom line...there's a way to bring in pitching. lol
    • Agreed on all points.  I brought Norby up because I hadn't heard his name mentioned in a long time.  Notice, the most recent post in this thread before mine was September 9th.  Same thing with Ortiz, btw - I don't think he's talked about very much and could be an important part of the rebuild.  Westburg gets talked about quite a lot - as he should be.    
    • And I never meant to imply that they were comparable to Greinke.  I only meant what I said - that I'd prefer an inexperienced hard-thrower like Strider to an experienced player who can't get people out.    
    • Though I think he starts a Aberdeen I think he could move up fast.   Maybe after two months.  I expect  Cowser to add muscle to his frame this off season.  I don't think age has much to do with it.  He will play next season at 22.  And he could end the season at AAA.
    • Both got through this season. That's a big step. Now they can work on strength and conditioning and prepare normally (and strategically) for the season. I think you find the role these guys can have success with and you build onto it over time. I still think they're both a full healthy season away from taking off the kid gloves and let them really push things. 
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